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9 Hot Cruises You Must Take This Summer

Yahoo! Travel
May 3, 2014

From small ships plying the waterways of Europe to luxury adventure boats on the Amazon, we’ve got the best cruises to take this summer. And can we talk about the convenience factor of a cruise? Let’s see—no worrying about buying train tickets in another language. No packing, no unpacking. And on many cruises, all your costs are included. Here, nine ways to sail that are trending right now.

What’s Hot: Peru’s Upper Amazon River


Traversing the muddy, piranha-infested Peruvian Upper Amazon once required croc-wrestling skills. Now, less hearty souls can drift along, pisco sours in hand, on air-conditioned small ships that balance comfort with adventure while they scan the jungle for capuchin monkeys, exotic birds. 


Small ship experts AdventureSmith Explorations have tabs on the Amazon, with ships like Aqua, Aria, and Delphin II, which offer luxurious bed linens and the services of a trained chef.