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Calendar Man: It's Chris's Month on the Galapagos Conservancy Calendar

Happy December from AdventureSmith! It's a proud month at our office as our operations manager, Chris Harter, is the featured photographer on the 2013 Galapagos Conservancy Calendar for December. Here he answers a few questions about his award-winning shot:

Where did you take this photo?

At Cerro Brujo beach on San Cristobal Island. You can see Kicker Rock in the photo background.

When were you there, and on which boat?

This was during an 8-day cruise aboard the Evolution in May of 2006 - my first trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Tell us about the technical aspects of getting this shot.

I took the shot with my Cannon Rebel EOS. The light was very flat and overcast that day. Because of this, simple photos of wildlife weren’t all that great. To help make things more a bit more interesting I wanted to get wildlife shots with perspective, and having our vessel, Kicker Rock and the turquoise water in the background behind the fur seals did the trick.

And the sea lions?

We had been swimming with them all afternoon in the shallow surf. It was only after some play time that they finally settled down enough to be able to frame a photo like this. They’re kind of like babies; they play hard and then take naps.

How does it feel to have one of your photos chosen by the Galapagos Conservancy?

Although it was an extreme honor to be picked for the Galapagos Conservancy calendar, what excites me more is that people that see these images may develop an interest in these incredible islands and the important conservation efforts going on there.

Learn more about the Galapagos Conservancy at, and purchase the 2014 Galapagos Conservancy calendar to support this organization's conservation efforts while getting great views of the Galapagos year-round!


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