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Christmas Tours & Travel 2014

by Audrey Vaughan

Christmas is the most popular travel time of the year and many tours book up early. We have complied a selection of our popular 2014 land based tours that are still available during the Christmas holiday.

2014 Available Christmas Tours

Below is a selection of small group tours that are still available during Christmas and holidays in December 2014. You will need to act fast if you would like to book one of these tours. Keep in mind that these trips were available at the time this was posted but we cannot guarantee availability. Call our small ship cruise experts to discuss your Christmas tour and travel plans.

Costa Rica Christmas Tours

Quest for Pura Vida Dec 20-28, Dec 27-Jan 4

Our premier itinerary in Costa Rica combines the cloud forests of Monteverde and the active Arenal Volcano with the verdant lowland tropical forests of Tortuguero to highlight Costa Rica's diversity of nature and culture.

Costa Rica Family Adventure Upon Request

Costa Rica is one of the world's most adventurous family-friendly places, widely known for its dedication to peace, cultural exchange, and environmental education. Our Costa Rica family adventure visits areas that exemplify these qualities creating wonderful shared memories for years to come. All aspects of this tour have been designed with the traveling family in mind. Or customize your own private Costa Rica Christmas tour.

Costa Rica Christmas Tours

Panama Christmas Tours

Best of Panama Dec 22-29

Explore the Panama Canal with its natural and historic legacy, enjoy cloud forest environments filled with life, and learn about extinct and thriving indigenous cultures. The best of Panama!

Panama Discovery Dec 22-29

Experience the highlights of Panama on this exciting 8 day Panama Discovery adventure. Discover Panama with expert naturalist guides as you traverse Panama Canal waters, hike in cloud forests searching for the elusive Resplendent Quetzal, and explore the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea.

Panama Family Adventure Dec 27-Jan 4

On this epic family adventure explore the Panama Canal and the Chagres River, go on an adventurous white river rafting or canopy zip-lining trip in the Chiriqui highlands, snorkel in the Caribbean waters of Bocas del Toro and end it all with a historical journey through the old parts of Panama City. Or customize your own Panama Christmas tour.

Panama Christmas Tours

Peru Christmas Tours

Peru Mountain Lodge Trek Dec 20-26, Dec 21-27 Dec 24-30 Dec 27-Jan 2

The very first trans-Andean lodge-to-lodge trek to one of the ancient world's most extraordinary sanctuaries: Machu Picchu. After full days of trekking, spend evenings unwinding by the fireplace, stargazing and enjoying your comfortable lodge.

Machu Picchu Explorer Upon Request

Travel to Peru and the most spectacular archaeological monument in South America, the ancient Inca site of Machu Picchu. Our Machu Picchu Explorer includes Cusco, the Urubamba Valley and upscale accommodations in Peru. Maximize your time at Machu Picchu with an overnight in Aguas Calientes at the foot of the ruins.

Inca Trail Trek Upon Request

Hike the classic Inca Trail on this trek that has you tent camping in some of the most scenic sites of this historic trail. The Inca Trail Trek may be booked as a 5-day trek only or as a complete 8-day Peru travel package.

Peru Amazon Adventure Upon Request

Combine your Peru Machu Picchu Explorer with an extension to the Amazon. Visit Lake Sandoval and Tambopata while staying at the famed Reserva Amazonica. Birds, primates, extraordinary landscapes and breathtaking scenery await.

Peru Christmas Tours

Baja Christmas Tours

Baja Intimate Insider Upon Request

On this 7-day Baja insider adventure you will have first-rate interactions with owners, artists, rancheros and chefs amidst a small group of like-minded travelers. With our hand-picked local guides and connections, you will quickly become an "insider" in Baja California!

Baja Mexico Christmas Tours

Chile & Patagonia Christmas Tours

Torres Del Paine Trek Upon Request

The trails amongst the famous Torres del Paine craggy mountains are among the world's classic trekking routes. By day, explore nature in its raw form while winding through these exceptional mountains to enjoy the cozy luxury of EcoCamp's unique dome accommodations by night.

Patagonia Wildlife Safari Upon Request

Discover the magic at the end of the world on a 4- to 7-day Patagonia Wildlife Safari! No matter the length of your stay, you will be blown away by the unlimited beauty of the world heritage site Torres del Paine National Park.

Chile Patagonia Christmas Tours

Guatemala Christmas Tours

Grand Maya Escape Upon Request

Designed for travelers seeking to explore famed Mayan archeological wonders, our Grand Maya Escape features spectacular Maya ruins of Copan and Tikal, Mayan culture, abundant rainforest birds and wildlife. Expert guides intertwine ancient Mayan sites with modern Maya culture resulting in a greater understanding of both.

Guatemala Adventure Upon Request

Travel into Guatemala's vast Peten region actively exploring spectacular nature reserves and ancient archeological sites. Hike wildlife rich rainforests, raft exciting whitewater rivers and explore underground through sacred limestone cave systems.

Guatemala Christmas Tours

Custom Christmas Tours & Travel

Still haven't found what you are looking for? We are experts at crafting custom tours and travel to all our destinations. Book as early as possible to ensure the best choice of hotels, guides and activities. Give us a call and we are happy to answer your questions or provide a quote. 


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