Enchanted Expeditions

Enchanted Expeditions is one of the pioneers of small-boat cruises and tours to the Galapagos Islands. AdventureSmith Explorations is proud to partner with Enchanted Expeditions for nearly a decade and feel that this longstanding relationship is based on a mutual appreciation for authentic and sustainable travel. 

Enchanted Expeditions History

Formerly called Angermeyer's Enchanted Expeditions, Enchanted Expeditions was founded by Judy Carvalhal, a former Galapagos naturalist with over 30 years experience in Galapagos cruises. Judy and her three partners, Martin Schreyer, Sergio Bernardi and Wolfgang Boerchers, who joined the company about 20 years ago, have over 125 years of collective field experience as tour guides, researchers, conservationists and community tourism advocates in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Martin, a native of the Galapagos and expert seaman with an extensive knowledge of the islands and every aspect of a boat, is in charge of Enchanted's Galapagos yacht operation. Sergio brings with him years of experience as a naturalist/bird guide in the jungle, and Wolfgang has experience working on water-purification projects for indigenous communities and sustainable travel. 

Enchanted Expeditions Cruises

Enchanted Expeditions is very much an a product of the Galapagos Islands. Its two small ships, the 16-guest Beluga and Cachalote, are fully owned and operated by this Ecuadorian company. Over the years Enchanted has built a reputation for excellent service and a knowledgeble crew that can be matched by few other Galapagos cruises.

As a company, Enchanted exemplifies slow growth and careful protection of the region's natural heritage that can only be achieved by people with a strong connection to the region. Enchanted Expeditions was among the very first in the Galapagos and Ecuador to conduct research and recognize the need for responsible tourism (this was many years before sustainable tourism was even recognized by the media and industry). The company has a deep and heartfelt commitment to protect and preserve both the wildlife and culture of Ecuador. The yachts M/Y Beluga and M/S Cachalote have both been awarded the Smart Voyager Certificate for adhering to conservations standards.

Why Choose Enchanted Expeditions

Enchanted Expeditions cruises are designed for active, curious and conservation-minded travelers looking for uncompromising value. If you crave authenticity and making genuine connections with people, communities and wildlife while travelling with a small footprint, Enchanted's yachts are for you.