Eric Andrews

Eric Andrews was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. Though he spent most of his childhood in Ecuador, he also attended Military Academy for his final years and high school. During one of his trips back to Ecuador during Christmas break, his parents surprised him with a trip to the Galapagos Islands. He was hooked. His one and only dream in life was to become a guide in the Galapagos.

After graduating from high school, he obtained a Marine Biology degree at Florida State University and was finally able to accomplish his dream by becoming a dive guide, tour leader and cruise director in the Galapagos. This later led to a promotion that allowed him to live in the islands for two years as Customer Service and Quality Control Manager.

After a couple of years, he became interested in the PR and sales part of the tourism industry, which allowed him to continue to share his love and passion for the beautiful Ecuador and Galapagos. Now, ten years later, he is Sales Manager for Quasar Expeditions, owners and operators of the M/Y Grace, M/V Evolution as well as Jeep safaris in Patagonia.

His biology, and operational backgrounds have been of immense value during his career as a Sales and PR Manager, which in turn, on its own, has allowed him to travel the world on business trips that have enriched him both on a personal as well as professional level all while following a very enjoyable and exciting career path.

Eric continues to be fascinated every day by the wonders that Galapagos and Ecuador have to offer and truly enjoys the opportunity to welcome travelers to these wonderful destinations. In truth, he considers himself more of an “educator” as well as very lucky in that he is a part of making people’s travel dreams come true.