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Exploring the Arctic: A Photographer's Greenland Expedition Aboard M/V Plancius

by Phil Marty, AdventureSmith Traveler

This Travel Journal submitted by AdventureSmith traveler and nature photographer Phil Marty details his Greenland expedition aboard the M/V Plancius. Submit your own AdventureSmith travel tales through our Travel Journal form.

Just returned from the Northeast Greenland trip aboard Oceanwide Expeditions'€™ M/V Plancius, and it was a trip of a lifetime.

Among wildlife seen were walruses, polar bears, musk oxen, whales and Arctic hares. Scenery both in Spitsbergen, Norway (we ended up going 80 degrees North, just 600 miles from the North Pole), and in Greenland was spectacular. Lots of gorgeous fjords with snow-capped mountains, and the Arctic tundra put on a great color show with ground cover that was red and yellow and gold and rust. Very memorable to see little tiny flowers peeping through the leaves.

Cruising in zodiacs next to icebergs that sometimes are as high as 75 or 100 feet is something I'€™ll never forget. And, it was also really cool visiting the Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiut. This is a real frontier existence.

The expedition staff was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly, and the ship staff took great care of us with good meals and lots of TLC. Definitely a trip not to be missed.


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