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Guest Lecturers Join the Corinthian to Croatia & Montenegro

Every departure of the Idyllic Islands & Majestic Shores of Croatia & Montenegro aboard the 100-guest Corinthian is accompanied by expert speakers, from professors of history to American diplomats. Joining you for the Adriatic Sea journey between Venice and Dubrovnik these experts will lecture on various topics relating to your destinations. Here we detail who will be on board when in 2014.

Christopher MacEvitt - Onboard May 1-9

Christopher MacEvitt, associate professor of religion at Dartmouth, specializes in the history of medieval Christian communities, particularly around the Mediterranean. On this trip he will talk about Diocletian, Constantine and the Late Roman Empire, as well as Venice and the Crusades.

Charlie Ingrao - Onboard May 8-16

Charlie Ingrao is professor of history at Purdue University, where he teaches courses in modern Europe. Since 1996 his research and writing have focused primarily on ethnic coexistence and conflict in the former Yugoslavia, and he has made more than 40 trips to the war zones in the 1990s. His latest book, Confronting the Yugoslav Controversies, presents a common narrative of the recent Balkan war. 

Jodi Magness - Onboard May 15-23

Jodi Magness is Kenan Distinguished Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina. Her career has included research and teaching positions at Brown University and Tufts University, where she taught Classical Archaeology for ten years. Jodi’s lecture topics will include “What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?”, Byzantine Art and Architecture and Early Greek colonization. 

William North - Onboard May 22-30

William North, Associate Professor of History at Carleton College, is interested in the dynamics of religious and cultural encounter and how the legacies of the ancient world are preserved and re-appropriated for contemporary purposes, especially within the Mediterranean World. He will speak about the layering of these successive legacies in the Adriatic Sea. 

Anne-Marie Bouché - Onboard June 26–July 4 & July 24–August 1

Anne-Marie Bouché is Associate Professor of Art History at Florida Gulf Coast University, where she teaches courses on Western art and architecture before 1700. She was Assistant Professor of Western Medieval Art at Princeton University and spent several years as a staff lecturer and researcher at The Cloisters Museum in New York.

Harry Amory Cahill - Onboard August 28–September 5

Harry Amory Cahill has served as an American diplomat for over 30 years, his last post being U.S. Minister Counselor to the U.N. His assignments in the former Yugoslavia and its present-day successor nations included USAID director, embassy officer in Belgrade and Sarajevo, chief of refugee operations and political-military adviser to NATO forces in Bosnia. He continues to serve in the State Department, consults for the Defense Department and teaches at Pepperdine University. He speaks Serbo-Croatian and will lecture on the region’s history, politics, economy and arts and culture. 

John Meffert - Onboard September 25–October 3

John Meffert has traveled extensively as a lecturer on architecture, preservation and culture for many respected institutions. He served as the director for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Southern Office from 1982-1988 and was the director of the Preservation Society of Charleston, the oldest nonprofit organization in the U.S. Mr. Meffert is a principal with Heritage Consulting Services. 

Themed Cruises

To enrich your experience further, the cruises listed below will feature specific themes which will be in addition to the lectures on the history and culture of the region.  Expert lecturers and artists will be aboard to develop each of these themes. 

  • Photography (May 8, Aug 7)
  • Gastronomy Food & Wine (Jun 26, Jul 31)
  • Gardens & Botany (May 1, Jul 24)
  • Classical Chamber Music (Jun 19, Oct 9)
  • Arts & Architecture (Aug 21)
  • Contemporary Events & History (Aug 28)

For more information on this comprehensive Adriatic Sea cruise between Venice and Dubrovnik, contact the experts at AdventureSmith Explorations and view the Idyllic Islands & Majestic Shores of Croatia & Montenegro trip page.


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