Hotel Patio Andaluz

The Hotel Patio Andaluz is a national treasure that holds in its walls the tales of history. It's situated in the heart of the Old Historic center of Quito, and surrounded by churches, museums, and national monuments. It is a marvelous building of Colonial origin, which offers every visitor an experience notunlike returning back in time. 

Hotel Patio Andaluz was part of the original Solaris that conformed the City of San Francisco of Quito, in the time of its foundation. Since then great people of Ecuadorian history have passed through its patios and corridors: players of Revolutions like that of the "Alcabalas," the War of Independence, the birth of the Republic until our times.

Enjoy the enchantment and comfort that this beautifully elegant boutique hotel offers, with large arches, balconies and towering attics that give the feeling of a wonderful Quito of long ago.