Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge

The new wilderness eco-lodge, Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge, is completely surrounded by Kenai Fjords National Park. It is the only lodge located within the 700,000-acre park. From this spectacular setting on the shore of a protected lagoon in full view of Pedersen Glacier, wildlife viewing opportunities abound, as do activity choices.

The lodge and guest cabins reside within the Native-owned, 2,000+ acre Pedersen Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary. These heritage lands, owned by Port Graham Native Corporation, represent a small portion of the ancestral homeland of the Alutiiq people that once lived along and roamed the entire coast of Southcentral Alaska. The lodge consists of 16 comfortably appointed guest log cabins with private baths and a central lodge. The central lodge serves as the dining room, lounge, and gathering place for lodge visitors. It’s also home base for numerous activities into the Wildlife Sanctuary, surrounding park lands and the many miles of astounding and rugged coastline.

Each cabin, as well as the lodge, enjoys a dramatic view of Pedersen Glacier and Lagoon. Activities from the lodge include sea kayaking on protected waters (from short paddles to half-day trips), light hiking (from interpretive walks to beachcombing), as well as explorations by motorized skiff along the coastline. Each day offers a variety of activity choices to meet your interest and energy level. Take a motorized skiff or paddle to a glacier and wander among sparkling iceberg bits. Or, join a guide on an interpretive walk, learning about the fascinating Native culture of the Alutiiq people and beach comb along miles of pristine pebble beaches.

While a great place to explore and be as energetic as you wish, it's also a prime setting for relaxing with a view. You need not leave the Lodge grounds if "kicking back" in a cozy and peaceful ambiance is your desire. Outstanding wildlife viewing is a key feature of every aspect of the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge experience. On the four to five hour boat journey to the Lodge, Steller sea lions, sea otters, Dall porpoise, humpback and/or orca whales, bald eagles, two species of puffins, and a myriad of other birdlife are commonly viewed. From the lodge and surrounding lands, harbor seals, sea and river otters, mountain goats, black bears, bald eagles, and a multitude of bird life cavort and are ever-present - often in view from your cabin or the main lodge.