Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions is a pioneer in small ship expedition cruises and one of the biggest names in small ship cruising today. The company is synonymous with exploration, education and conservation. Operating under the idea that a cruise is passive but an expedition is active, Lindblad delivers an authentic and exhilarating travel experience through all-five-senses engagement with the world’s most exotic locations, from the Galapagos Islands to Australia to the Arctic. 

Lindblad Expeditions History

Lindblad Expeditions was founded in 1958 under the name of Lindblad Travel by Lars-Eric Lindblad. Lars-Eric had channeled his passion to be an explorer into the travel business, but organized tourism proved to be a bit tame for him. So he planned trips to some of the most exotic parts of the globe, including the first tourist expedition to Antarctica in 1966, Easter Island and the Galápagos Islands in 1967, and along the coast of China and Bhutan in 1978. By believing that educated people who saw things with their own eyes would be a potent force for the preservation of the places they visited, Lars-Eric made his notions a powerful force for the good of conservation and restoration projects worldwide.

Since 1979, Lars-Eric’s son, Sven-Olof Lindblad, has expanded the Lindblad legacy by providing transformative travel experiences in the world’s most remarkable places. And, continuing a significant element of his father’s ideals, Sven-Olof has increased the company’s commitment to conservation and field science, most notably through the Lindblad’s partnership with National Geographic starting in 2004. In 2012, the company purchased Australia-based Orion Expedition Cruises, furthering its reach across the globe.

Lindblad Cruises

Lindblad’s reputation for being at the top of the expedition market is well deserved. A cruise aboard any one of Linblad’s 6 small ships (ranging from 28 to 148 guests) is marked by a top-notch expedition team with some of the best service in the industry. In addition to the ships it owns, Lindblad charters a diverse fleet of riverboats, sailboats and luxury yachts at various times of the year to access locations like Vietnam, the Amazon, Greece and Scotland. Each ship carries kayaks and Zodiac landing crafts to provide guests the ability to get up close to wildlife.

Despite Lindblad’s luxury price tag, the onboard atmosphere is casual and practical in an expedition style. The true value is in the naturalists, historians, undersea specialists, guest lecturers, highly trained guides and National Geographic photographers aboard each departure. Food on board is fresh and sustainable but not gourmet; Lindblad partners with Blue Ocean Institute, Chefs Collaborative and the Marine Stewardship Council to source environmentally sustainable seafood.

Due to the company’s pioneering history and acts of conservation, Lindblad Expeditions has longstanding relationships with local park authorities, in many cases as a result of its efforts to create a park or preserve. This affords Lindblad guests access to extraordinary naturalist sites such as Magdalena Bay in the Sea of Cortez, ??? in Alaska or the ??? in Panama, often not accessible to other operators. 

Why Choose Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad Cruises attracts guests that are well educated, well traveled and committed to the environment. With top names in photography and science as your shipmates on a Lindblad cruise, these truly are expeditions for the intellectually minded. Choose Lindblad if you want the best expedition experience possible, with the best guides in the industry, and you are willing to pay the premium of such an experience.