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Lindblad's Young Explorers Challenge Fosters Creativity with a Big Travel Reward

Lindblad Expeditions -National Geographic are inviting their younger travelers to see and share the world in a whole new way with the launch of the Young Explorer Challenge. Created to mirror Lindblad-National Geographic’s unique legacy of exploration, geographic education, global stewardship and innovation, the Young Explorer Challenge invites the next generation of explorers to creatively capture the ways in which their voyage opened up the world to them in a new way.

The year-long educational contest is open to young people from the ages of 8-17 who travel on a Lindblad-National Geographic ship in 2014. Lindblad-National Geographic ships include: the National Geographic Explorer to Antarctica; National Geographic Islander and National Geographic Endeavour to the Galapagos Islands; National Geographic Sea Bird & Sea Lion to Alaska, Baja California and the Pacific Northwest; and National Geographic Orion to Australia.

The budding adventurers are invited to deepen their engagement with the remarkable places and experiences they will encounter by creating and submitting multimedia Powerpoint journals that capture their journey. 

Education is always at the core of the Lindblad-National Geographic experience for travelers of every age, as each voyage features a team of esteemed naturalists, historians, undersea specialists, Lindblad-National Geographic-certified photo instructors, along with world-renowned scientists and researchers whose work is known throughout the globe. Along with these treasured human resources come an array of state-of-the-art exploration tools that enhance learning and discovery in every way.

“Many of the world’s great conservationists will tell you their path was charted by a first-hand experience they had as a child." -Sven Lindblad

“The Young Explorer Challenge perfectly captures and supports our mission of using education as a powerful tool to open new windows on the world for children and adults alike,” said Lindblad Expeditions’ Founder Sven Lindblad. “Many of the world’s great conservationists will tell you their path was charted by a first-hand experience they had as a child. We believe that by exposing adults and children to the wonders of the world, we are doing our part to help foster the next generation of committed citizens who will help shape the future of our planet.”

Nine winners in all (one per age category in each of the three ship categories:  (1) National Geographic Sea Bird and National Geographic Sea Lion; (2) National Geographic Endeavour and National Geographic Islander; (3) National Geographic Explorer and National Geographic Orion on the Lindblad -National Geographic fleet), will receive the top prize of a Lindblad-National Geographic mini-expedition aboard National Geographic Sea Lion from Seattle, Washington. Winners will board the National Geographic Sea Lion for a two day exploration of Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. Alongside National Geographic photographers and experts, they will hike, kayak and explore the spectacular Pacific Northwest. The prize includes meals, transportation and double occupancy accommodations for the ship nights, and round-trip air transportation for each winner and his or her parent or guardian.

Submissions must be sent in within four weeks of the entrant’s ship disembarkment date. Each submission must include no more than 15 photographs accompanied by captions or by an essay that tells the story of their adventure in fewer than 450 words. Original art is also encouraged, as are maps, so long as they too are original or free for public use from the Internet. Journals should be clear, cohesive, creative, passionate and well-organized.

All presentations will be reviewed by a team of judges that will include Lindblad-National Geographic staff along with specially-chosen experts who will assign a numerical score to each entry. The age categories for the prizes will be 8-10; 11-13 and 14-17. In addition to the top prizes, second-prize winners in each category and age range will win The National Geographic Atlas and The Complete National Geographic in DVD. Third-prize winners will receive The Complete National Geographic in DVD. All entrants will receive a Lindblad-National Geographic expeditions T-shirt along with a certificate of participation.

Judging will be completed in February 2015, with notification of the winners made by the end of that month.

For more information on the Lindblad-National Geographic Young Explorer Challenge, visit To learn more about exploring the world with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic, contact the experts at AdventureSmith Explorations.

Photos by Cindy Manning (top) and Stewart Cohen (bottom).


Patricia Sager

I am planning on taking my grandchildren to the Galapagos Islands in June 2015. Will this contest be open during that year? My grandson will be 9 years then and would love to be able to enter.

Thank you,

AdventureSmith Explorations

Hi Patricia,
Unfortunately the current contest is only open to young travelers on a National Geographic boat in 2014. Perhaps they will offer another contest in 2015, and if they do we'll update this post as soon as we hear of it. Let us know if you have any further questions in planning your Galapagos trip. Our experts have traveled on most of the boats there & can be a great help in narrowing down the options.

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