What is MyClimate™?

MyClimate™ promotes climate-friendly products and services through market-driven means. MyClimate's™ mission is to offer a turn-key solution for individuals and organizations who wish to offset their carbon emissions.

Why does STI offer MyClimate™?

Greenhouse gases are emitted when fossil-fuels are consumed. One ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) has the same impact on climate change wherever in the world it is emitted - or saved. You can use less energy, travel less, or use public transport, but some emissions are unavoidable. Through MyClimate™, you can now offset the environmental impact of your emissions by investing in climate-friendly projects that reduce emissions elsewhere.

How does MyClimate™ work?

We buy renewable energy and energy efficiency offsets, and the majority of these offsets come from projects in developing countries. The funding, construction, and operations of these projects comes directly from our offset purchases. So your travel offset purchases directly support these types of projects.


Specifically, we calculate the CO2 emissions released during your travels or from your home or office energy consumption. You then neutralize this impact on climate change by purchasing offsets from Kyoto Protocol-compliant projects and projects certified by The Gold Standard. The offsets you purchase are then permanently 'retired' and taken out of the market.

The money you pay goes to a local community or business to help fund more environmentally friendly development options. And the projects you invest in directly benefit local communities while offsetting your emissions, thus neutralizing negative climate impacts elsewhere.

In this context, MyClimate™ provides the following service:

  • MyClimate™ calculates the climate impact of travel arrangements that are booked through a MyClimate™ travel service provider;
  • MyClimate™ finds qualifying climate-friendly projects world-wide;
  • MyClimate™ processes payments between the travelers that choose the MyClimate™ service and project operators.

Does MyClimate™ support sustainable development?

Development options that are sustainable and have less of an environmental impact, like energy efficiency measures and renewable energy generation, are usually costly. And small developing communities oftentimes are cash poor.

Even though sustainable development options are better for everyone in the long term, there is simply not enough money or an incentive to change in the short term. MyClimate™ is about empowering communities through commerce and tackling climate change at the same time.

MyClimate™ is also about empowering individuals and corporations to make a difference.

Who is behind MyClimate™ and how is the funding it receives allocated?

MyClimate™ is a Switzerland-based registered charity that falls under the strict requirements of Swiss law, which state that at least 80% of the money it receives must benefit the projects it endorses. The MyClimate™ Charitable Foundation Board defines the standards, criteria and processes to ensure the integrity and credibility of all MyClimate™ transactions.

Sustainable Travel International (STI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and is the provider of MyClimate™ in North America. STI also contributes 80% of the gross revenue it generates through MyClimate™ to carbon offsets projects.

The balance of 20% of the revenues invested in MyClimate™ by North American-based buyers is split between 500 PPM and STI and is used to cover overhead expenses.

MyClimate™ is brought to consumers by travel agencies and other travel service providers who realize that there is a demand for more sustainable services in the tourism industry.

Why is climate change my personal responsibility?

The effect of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is cumulative, so acting now has more impact than acting later. Businesses in the U.S. don't currently have to account for their global climate change impacts from greenhouse gas emissions, travel related or otherwise. And government-backed schemes take time to implement; in some countries the Government is not acting at all and there is growing scientific concern that the agreed emission reductions do not go far enough. In addition, transport is one of the most difficult sectors to make reductions in and international air travel is currently not regulated.

MyClimate™ enables you to go beyond Government programs and take direct responsibility for your own actions by offsetting unavoidable travel-related emissions. It also enables you to secure the additional environmental benefits of early action by channeling funds directly to communities to help them to develop sustainably.

Why doesn't MyClimate™ support reforestation projects?

There are two primary issues regarding reforestation (planting trees in an area that previously contained forest) and afforestation (planting trees on lands that have not been recently forested) as a means to sequester carbon.

First, there are arguments about the permanence of reforestation and afforestation projects (i.e. oftentimes they are temporary carbon storage sinks), and as such don't currently meet the criteria of the MyClimate™ foundation, but these arguments could be applied to some other types of emission reduction projects as well. Second, there are technical concerns regarding reforestation and afforestation related to the science of calculating the carbon offsetting amounts, but methodologies are being developed to address these concerns and ensure that related projects satisfy Kyoto Protocol.

Stakeholders are now beginning to realize the need to address all human-related sources of greenhouse gas emissions simultaneously to help reduce global climate change. This includes adding reforestation and afforestation into emission reduction portfolios since it's proven to be a cost effective approach that delivers value-add benefits like protecting biodiversity and creating jobs.

Once the science for calculating the carbon offsetting amounts related to reforestation and afforestation is sound and is globally accepted by those organizations that certify the quality of emission reduction projects, MyClimate™ will re-evaluate the opportunity.

For more information about MyClimate™, please email us.