Neotropica Foundation

Neotropica Foundation

The Neotrópica Foundation is a private, not-for-profit Costa Rican organization founded in 1985. The Neotrópica Foundation provides the technical, scientific and financial means to promote and develop alternative production methods and provide for sustainable management of natural resources and protection of biodiversity. The Neotrópica Foundation promotes the generation and dissemination of technical and scientific information related to the environment.


To contribute to attaining a balance between human wellbeing and the conservation of nature.


To promote the intelligent and equitable use of natural resources.

Neotrópica promotes social dialogue and community self management in conservation for the fair and equitable sharing of benefits generated by natural resources.


To transform specific, real-life forms of natural resource management into sustainable practices that protect our natural heritage and improve the quality of life for present and future communities.

Sustainable Productive Solutions:

Promoting economically viable social and environmental activities, such as community-based rural tourism, wetland management and conservation, ecological footprint notions, among others, based on the sustainable use of natural resources.

Community Empowerment and Socio-Environmental Management:

Facilitating a mutual process of learning, discussion and feedback with community members, strengthening self-management capacity, networking with local organizations and assuring that local experience and knowledge are respected and valued.

Global Environmental Citizenship:

Through environmental education experiences, voluntarism, academic courses, short courses and participation in projects and activities, Neotrópica Foundation stimulates individual changes of attitude that advances the quality of life.

Policy Makers:

Neotrópica is encouraging changes in environmental legislation and improving inter-institutional coordination for environmental administration in Costa Rica.


Projects implemented by Neotrópica thrive to increase the scientific and technical knowledge available for sustainable development efforts, at all levels of the Costa Rican society.

The Future of the Neotropica

The pursuit of a balanced relationship between human beings and nature guides the Neotropica Foundation’s actions, and has done so since its inception. Our goal is to reconcile all living beings, permitting harmonious coexistence. To that end, the Neotropica Foundation conducts sustainable development projects in border regions and buffer zones surrounding protected areas, and supports similar initiatives throughout the Central American region.

Specifically, the Neotropica Foundation is committed to working with local communities and the national government, as well as the private sector and academic community, to improve the quality of life of communities and people surrounding its field stations, located in: the Osa Peninsula, the Atirro region near Turrialba and Coyolito in Punta Arenas.

These three stations, each located in a unique climate and ecological region of the country, are intended to become community-based field stations that allow the Foundation to work as, one of the locals, on education and community empowerment.

Neotrópica also works in the Grande de Tárcoles river basin, one of the most polluted in Central America. Efforts in Tárcoles involve technical research in socioeconomic and environmental areas, such as Ecological Economy and Environmental Justice. Research and communication efforts are necessary in order to provide effective, opportune solutions to issues such as the ecological footprint and environmental education within the surrounding communities.

Neotropica Foundation works with issues that are urgent today in Costa Rica, such as Wetland Conservation; issues that will become relevant in the near future as the impacts of climate change become evident.