Our Crew

Todd Smith

As founder and president, Todd puts the "Smith" in AdventureSmith Explorations. He has traveled throughout the world working as a guide and manager for small ship cruise lines and prominent ecotourism operators.
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Chris Harter

Chris is an integral part of the crew as Director of Sales and Operations. He developed an early love for wilderness exploration and outdoor adventures growing up along coastal Maine and the mountains of Colorado.
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Andrew Browning

Growing up in Arizona and attending college in Colorado gave Andrew a passion for outdoor adventures. International travel with family and friends has been an integral part of his life since early childhood.
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Lisa Exley-Smith

Lisa is the Chief Financial Officer and adventure consultant for AdventureSmith Explorations. Originally from the tiny Micronesian island of Yap, Lisa is naturally drawn to the water.
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Aaron Gaines

At AdventureSmith, Aaron combines his rich background in customer service with his natural love for exploring. He has strived to be a lifelong learner, curious and thoughtful about the world around him.
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Lis Korb

Lis Korb is AdventureSmith Explorations’ Content & Office Manager. Her wanderlust has taken her from officiating a wedding in Tulum, Mexico, to swimming with penguins in the Galapagos Islands.
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