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Rare Adventures in Subantarctic Waters

Travel Writer and editor of Travel With A Challenge, Alison Gardner, recounts her experience cruising from New Zealand to the “the most diverse and extensive of all Subantarctic archipelagos”.  Read the full article, Rare Adventures in Subantarctic Waters at 

Excerpt from Rare Adventures in Subantarctic Waters

I discovered my “Exploration of the Antipodes” cruise aboard the MV Orion through US-based adventure travel specialist, AdventureSmith Explorations which represents many first class expeditionary options.

I shared with company owner, Todd Smith, that I wanted a small-ship cruise itinerary truly off the beaten path, and he met my request immediately. What Todd proposed for me was one of the most rarely visited regions on earth: the Subantarctic islands of New Zealand and Australia with landscapes characterized by tundra, permafrost, and volcanoes. Read full article


Image Courtesy Alison Gardner