Trip Levels

AdventureSmith Explorations utilizes fun and exciting activities of varying difficulty to access the world's pristine natural and cultural environments. Each trip is assigned a trip level to describe its level of difficulty. In combination with the trip's detailed description this should help determine which trips are suitable to your interests and abilities. Of course if you have questions about a specific activity or itinerary please do not hesitate to contact us.

level I

Our level one trips are designed for travelers interested in lodge and hotel accommodations combined with mild activities, plenty of flexibility and options for more rigorous activity. Expect two to four hours of activity each day over straightforward terrain. Travelers should be comfortable hiking or walking 3-5 miles per day. Other level one activities include snorkeling or sea kayaking sheltered waters and river rafting class I-II water. Expedition Cruising aboard small ships and yachts is level one and may include fun and easy activities such as hiking, snorkeling and kayaking. Enjoying a relaxed pace with a focus on nature, culture and history is often a priority for those who choose this trip level.

level II

Our level two trips are designed for more ambitious travelers who enjoy some physical challenge. Expect three to six hours of activity each day over moderate terrain with occasional steep slopes and/or difficult footing. Travelers should be comfortable hiking or walking three to seven miles each day. Level two trips include opportunities for additional activities such as road or mountain biking, trekking, scuba diving, caving, white water rafting Class III-IV and more strenuous hiking. While most level two trips utilize lodges and hotels any trip that involves camping is rated level two.

level III

Our level three trips are designed for more experienced travelers in good physical condition. Expect full days of activity over varied terrain that may include significant elevation change and high altitude passes up to 14,000 feet. Travelers should be comfortable hiking or trekking 5-10+ miles each day. Level three activities include hut to hut trekking, longer bike rides, advanced SCUBA diving, or wilderness whitewater rafting to remote locations. In some cases experience is required for activities such as mountain biking or SCUBA diving. These trips may include wilderness camping and possible rugged travel conditions over primitive roads or long, river-boat trips.