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If you have clients interested in expedition cruises and wilderness adventures you are in the right place.  Browse our website or contact our expert crew to find the perfect trip for your clients. Use the Travel Agent area of our website to contact us and learn more about how to earn substantial commissions working with AdventureSmith Explorations.

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AdventureSmith Explorations is proud to partner with travel agents and we are dedicated to exceeding your clients’ expectations while helping you earn substantial commissions.  Travel agents who are passionate about  small ship cruising find AdventureSmith Explorations to be their one stop resource - saving time, satisfying clients’ needs and earning top dollar for their efforts. 

AdventureSmith Explorations is a family business. Todd Smith and his crew are award-winning expedition cruise and wilderness adventure experts with the experience to help you and your clients find the right trip at the best price. We invite you to become a travel partner and join the Smith family.

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Your most valuable resource at AdventureSmith Explorations is our crew of Adventure Coordinators.  Our staff is comprised of former expedition leaders and guides who have lived, worked and traveled at length in each destination. We have cruised aboard or personally inspected every vessel on our website. Our staff has the insight to help you decipher among all the small ship options or find the smaller family owned vessels you have never heard of. We are committed to making sure you are recommending the right trip for your clients’ interest, ability and budget, at the best possible price. 

Our Commitment to Travel Agents

We are committed to a long term relationship with our travel agent partners.  Once a client books an AdventureSmith trip through your agency, they become your client for life.  If they contact us directly to inquire about another trip, we will contact you. We offer a progressive commission structure that rewards increased bookings. We provide web based training, travel agent discounts, FAM trips and agent newsletters to keep you on top of the ever changing niche of small ship cruising. 

Travel Agent Sales Manual

View our Travel Agent Sales Manual to learn more about our expedition cruises and wilderness adventures.  Our manual will help you identify and book small ship cruise clients.  We will help you learn to choose the right adventure for the right clients. Many agents appreciate our tips for small ships and the big ship vs. small ship comparisons. The manual also outlines our travel agent commissions and overrides along with other policies and benefits. 

Travel Agent Sales Manual

Small Ship Cruise Travel Agents

With the support of AdventureSmith Explorations expert crew of Adventure Coordinators, combined with our incredible service and the Travel Agent Sales Manual you are sure to become a small ship cruise travel agent expert.  Begin your voyage by contacting us.