Story Ideas

Telling the Small Ship Cruise Story

Are you looking for angles and story ideas for your various writing projects and outlets? Small ship cruises will continue to be hot for the foreseeable future so now is the time to cover it!  We can provide you with the right hook or idea and promise to back it up with solid resources for your story.  Below is a short list of ideas we’ve come up with to hopefully inspire you to take the next step and contact us.  Be it photos, interviews, press trips or referrals, we are anxious to support you in any way we can! 

Some Possible Story Ideas to Consider….

Travel Trends: Small Ship Cruising

Small ship, expedition and adventure cruising are growing niches in the travel industry.  What are the latest trends? What small ship cruise lines are the best fit for my readers?  What ships and destinations are hot right now?  What are the main differences between a large and small ship cruise experience?

Ecotourism: Small Ships are Green

Today, it’s all about sustainable tourism and protecting our planet’s natural resources. Learn how small ship cruising has “greened” over the years and become the eco-pacesetter within the cruise industry. Find out what Carbon Free Cruising is all about.

Family Travel: Parents, Kids and Multigenerational Cruising

Face it, it’s hard to deliver what everyone wants in a family vacation – especially when the ages run from toddler to grandparent.  Small ship cruising is the answer with multiple age-driven off-ship activities to choose from paired with creature comforts back on board.  Then there’s always the private charter for the perfect family reunion!

True Adventure: Active Expedition Cruising

Small ships can go where larger vessels can’t so opportunities for shore excursions and wilderness exploration abound. It’s all about what’s outside the ship vs. what’s inside with small ship adventuring. How about a little sea kayaking? Fishing? Flightseeing? Bear viewing? Glacier hiking? Gold panning? Stand-up paddleboarding?

Luxury Travel: Ships and Amenities That Redefine High-End

Luxury demands over-the-top service, fine dining and amenities but it can also mean exclusive access, intimate attention, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and the benefit of a local insider’s knowledge about wildlife patterns and time saving routes.  We know the highest-end ships and have the clout to get our clients the best cabins on board!

Nature Cruising: Exotic Wildlife Viewing Close-Up

Knowing where the wildlife is and when to best see it is a skill most small ship operators embrace. Viewing brown bears from a zodiac or catching a Humpback Whale feeding frenzy are both experiences one can have. Whether cute penguins or dolphins are your thing, or exotic birds of Costa Rica or Hawaii, the photo ops are endless.

Polar Cruising: The Northern Lights

Each fall a celestial phenomenon occurs near and above the Arctic Circle and a number of small ship operators have put together some incredible itineraries to place you at the apex of the action – The Aurora Borealis!  Cruise to where to viewing is best armed with scopes and high powered cameras that will deliver the experience of a lifetime.

Land & Sea: Combination Trips Give the Full Perspective

More than just a cruise “add-on” AdventureSmith Explorations has crafted seamless itineraries that include both sea and land adventures,  all packaged into one great vacation.  Get the full perspective of a destination while viewing it from both sea level and its mountaintops. 

Todd Smith: Small Ship Trailblazer

Do you want to ask Todd a question, get his input on some issue or just hear what he has in store for the future?  Let’s set up an interview. Todd has done numerous radio spots and can bring real passion and life to the topic of small ship cruising.  You’ll find Todd to be a compelling and relaxed speaker ready to inspire an audience to travel.