Tip Top III

16 guests
Year Built: 2001
Redesigned: 2008
8 crew members
Length: 104 feet
Beam: 22 feet
Draft: 5 feet
Cruising Speed: 11 knots

The first-class yacht Tip Top III was designed and constructed in 2001, and redesigned in 2008, to offer the highest level of security and comfort in Galapagos Island cruising. A part of the three-vessel Tip Top fleet, Tip Top III comes from a 100-percent Ecuadorian family company founded in 1982 by Captain Rolf Wittmer, a pioneer of tourism in the Galapagos Islands.

Common Areas Aboard Tip Top III

Tip Top III's social areas include a bar, dining room, lounge and sun deck. The lounge is located on the Main Deck and offers a variety of board games, videos, books and music for your enjoyment. Look for the famed book “Floreana” by Margret Wittmer, a fun historic read. There is also a desktop PC for your use. The dining room, also on the Main Deck, features a combination of Ecuadorian and international cuisine designed daily. Available 24 hours a day are: purified water, coffee and herbal teas free of charge. You will also find a variety of sodas and liquors on board for purchase. A beautiful sun deck is located on top of the boat, providing an ideal place for a moment of relaxation as you travel around the wonders of the Galapagos Islands; here the sun and the sea will be complicit during your unforgettable stay, while you admire the amazing Archipelago.

The yacht is in constant contact with the Tip Top Galapagos office via radio. Any inquiries regarding lost or delayed luggage, flight confirmations or any emergency will be monitored from the office at all time. Although the Galapagos Islands are an extremely remote location (more than 600 miles from the mainland), the Tip Top fleet has the best technology available to serve your communication needs.

Activities Aboard Tip Top III

There are two kayaks on board for your use, as well as snorkeling equipment to use for the duration of the cruise: masks, snorkels and fins (sizes 3-5 to 11-13). The Tip Tip III crew provides these to each passenger with a bag to store and transport the equipment. Wetsuits are available to rent upon request; please notify your AdventureSmith Adventure Coordinator prior to your cruise if you wish to reserve a wetsuit.

Crew & Guides Aboard Tip Top III

A crew of 8 includes the captain and a multilingual guide, engineer, cook, barman and waitress, and two sailors. Once you are aboard Tip Top III, you will be welcomed by a guide who will brief you on vessel safety, special procedures on board, Galapagos National Park rules and the cruise in general. The naturalist guides aboard Tip Top III are completely trained for the excursions and certified by the Galapagos National Park. The level of the guides are two and three levels, based on the number of languages they speak. The guides will be able to speak Spanish and English or Spanish, English and German. You will be introduced to the crew members the first night of the cruise. Tip Top III's well-trained, friendly and professional crew members do their best to make your Galapagos Islands visit an unforgettable experience. Each one of them will ensure a safe cruise, as they are well prepared to offer a first-class and personalized service.

Sustainability Aboard Tip Top III

The Tip Top fleet is highly committed with management assurance and environmental protection. Tip Top III complies with laws, regulations and other agreements regarding quality, environmental protection, safety at sea, best practices, occupational health and security. In addition, she is certified under international standards as a Smart Voyager by Rainforest Alliance.

Cabins Aboard Tip Top III

10 cabins accommodate 16 passengers aboard Tip Top III on the Upper and Lower decks. Each cabin features air conditioning, safety box, locker, drawers and a private bathroom with toilet, shower, washbasin and vanity with hair dryer. Phones are available for your use to call other cabins using the internal system.

Lower Deck

Cabins 1 and 2 on the Lower Deck feature one double lower berth and one single upper berth. Cabins 3-6 have two single lower berths.

Upper Deck

Cabins 7 and 8 on the Upper Deck feature one double lower berth. Cabins 9 and 10 have two single lower berths.