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World's Most Rewarding Bird Viewing Cruises

Travel with a Challenge
January 4, 2014

Travel With A Challenge Editor, Alison Gardner, explains why small ship expedition cruising and bird watching are a marriage made in heaven, with insight from AdventureSmith founder Todd Smith and his top 5 birding cruise destinations.

"Small ship cruises can access remote locations where larger vessels can't go safely," notes AdventureSmith Explorations director and founder Todd Smith, himself an avid birder and a specialist in expeditionary cruising. "They are the perfect platform for bird enthusiasts to view species that may otherwise be difficult, or even impossible, to reach for the average traveler. ... I think we have just scratched the surface of bird watching demand both at sea and in remote places where land access in any other way is a real challenge. We are working to create new opportunities that make the most of the size and agility of small ships to view birds in their natural settings."

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