North America Alaska Cruise

Last Frontier Adventure

The Last Frontier Adventure cruise spends 8-days sailing between Sitka and Juneau. Along the way around Alaska’s Admiralty, Chichagof and Baranof Islands, encounter all the highlights of Southeast Alaska, including many lesser known ports and wilderness areas. Cruise to Sitka, Juneau, Glacier Bay National Park, Endicott Arm, and Wrangell. Explore remote gems such as Baranoff Island’s Waterfall Coast, Thomas Bay, Hobart Bay, Wrangell Narrows and Orca Point Lodge.

Enjoy opportunities to explore hidden coves and shoreline by kayak or inflatable watercraft. Scout for humpback whales in the whale-rich waters of Frederick Sound. Paddle the turquoise fjord water amidst icebergs in Endicott Arm. Enjoy a dinner of Alaskan salmon, Alaskan king crab or prime rib at the exclusive Orca Point Lodge. In Glacier Bay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, enjoy additional programming by a Native Huna Tlingit interprative naturalist, alongside the park ranger. On 2020 departures navigate Wrangell Narrows, one of the most technical areas to pilot in the Inside Passage and visit the intriguing State Historic Park, Petroglyph Beach, which contains the highest concentration of petroglyphs in Southeast Alaska.
In 2021 an exclusive agreement with a local Alaska Native organization allows for a day of private access to the beautiful wilderness of Hobart Bay.

Travelers enjoy a casual atmosphere aboard these authentically Alaskan ships; the 58-guest Admiralty Dream, 49-guest Baranof Dream and the 76-guest Chichagof Dream. All three ships offer complimentary jackets, pants and boots to ensure you’re properly outfitted for off-the-ship adventures.
This cruise is perfect for travelers seeking an active and affordable Alaskan small ship cruise. Operated by an Alaskan family-owned company, Last Frontier Adventure has a focus on Alaska’s nature, wildlife and First Nations culture.

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