North America Alaska Cruise

Sikumi Custom Alaska Cruise

The Sikumi Custom Alaska Cruise is an adventure all its own. Each all-inclusive, 7-day small ship cruise aboard the 8-guest Sikumi features a distinct itinerary, with the ship sailing where the wildlife and weather are best. 

Alaska owned and operated, the Sikumi has the advantage of knowing the ins and outs of coastline Alaska travel. Sikumi’s captain will show you the real Alaska, without the confines of a rigid schedule. If the whales are active in one area, you’ll go there, and hit the next stop as time accords. While there will be time to appreciate each sight, the crew also works to insure you see everything possible.

Daily excursions may include kayaking, hiking, fishing from the boat for your dinner, whale viewing, visits to sea lion rookeries, a day at the glaciers (unforgettable) and other exciting stops. Common sights are whales, bears (brown and black), seals, sea lions, Dall porpoises and bald eagles. In addition, look for many other forms of marine and wildlife along with a host of iconic Alaska vistas and scenery one can only view best by small ship.

Book your Sikumi small ship Alaska cruise in one of four Main Deck cabins, or charter the whole boat for up to 12 guests. Most trips follow the outlined itinerary roundtrip from Petersburg, but keep in mind that each sailing will be tailored to the conditions of the week. The Captain can also accommodate specific requests by charter to customize a cruise to meet your desires.

Inquire about this or other Alaska cruises for the adventure of a lifetime.