Polar Regions Antarctica Cruise

Antarctic Peninsula

Focusing strictly on the Antarctic Peninsula, this cruise is a comprehensive introduction to the White Continent. Sail directly to “High Antarctica,” passing the Melchior Islands and the Schollaert Channel between Brabant and Anvers Island. Set foot on the Antarctic continent alongside penguins, seals, snow and ice, and be one of the lucky few to have done so.

Learn from expert guides how the Antarctic Peninsula is the southern continuation of the mountain chain that runs from North America through South America into the Scotia Sea, continuing as a sub-marine ridge, the Scotia Ridge, until it comes above sea-level at the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. With dramatic scenery and icy solitude, the Antarctica Peninsula never fails to stun visitors with icebergs, glaciers, high mountains and abundant yet tame wildlife. Possible stopping points include Danco Island, Neko Harbour, Paradise Bay, Pléneau Island, Petermann Island and Wilhelmina Bay.

Antarctica’s history of discovery runs parallel to that of the South Shetland Islands, where exploitation was the major force behind early explorations. Today, the Antarctic Peninsula is protected by the Antarctic Treaty, which has been signed by 46 countries. The signatory parties have agreed to abstain for 50 years from recognizing, disputing or establishing territorial sovereignty claims. The parties also agreed to set aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve, established freedom of scientific investigation and banned military activity on the continent. 

The Antarctic Peninsula itinerary cruises over 10 days aboard sister ships 170-guest M/V Hondius and M/V Janssonius, both expedition ships that allow you to experience Antarctica in a hands-on way with opportunities to participate in citizen science and learn from photography workshops. Optional activities for select departures include camping, kayaking and polar diving (all at additional cost) with advanced reservations required as space is limited. Enjoy included activities such as hiking, snowshoeing and Zodiac rides, and experience the continent’s rich wildlife and learn its history from experienced naturalists and guides on board. The Antarctic Peninsula cruise is the quintessential Antarctica voyage—experience the wonder!

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