Polar Regions Antarctica Cruise

Antarctic Wildlife Adventure

This 21-day Antarctic Wildlife Adventure explores the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula, providing some of the best opportunities to witness Antarctica’s wildlife! 

The remote Falkland Islands are a birder’s paradise where encountering large colonies of penguins and albatross is a delight. Fur seals and elephant seals lounge on sandy beaches while various whale and dolphin species swim through iceberg-strewn waters. South Georgia Island is an unrivalled paradise where subantarctic wildlife abounds. Upwards of 100 million seabirds including numerous species of albatross, penguins, prions, petrels and terns; over 100,000 elephant seals; 3 million fur seals; and innumerable penguins, including king and macaroni penguins, jostle for space here.

The Antarctic Peninsula offers some of the region’s most impressive icy scenery. Protected bays and narrow channels round out this wildlife viewing extravaganza: icebergs of every size and description, waters rich with krill, whales and seals and penguins foraging at sea and more. Additional highlights may include Gerlache Strait and Elephant Island where Sir Ernest Shackelton’s famous Endurance expedition spent a winter.

The main Antarctic Wildlife Adventure sails round-trip from Ushuaia, Argentina. Several alternative itineraries begin or end the voyage in Buenos Aires, Argentina, or Montevideo, Uruguay. All itineraries are aboard the 114-guest Sea Spirit, which boasts an impressive staff-to-passenger ratio of 1 crew member per 10 guests. Plus, expedition leaders each have the field experience of 50-plus voyages to Antarctica and the Arctic. Kayaking is available at an added cost for those who wish to have the opportunity to paddle through tranquil waters filled with glittering icebergs and porpoising penguins while surrounded by magnificent glaciers and mountains. This trip truly offers the ultimate wildlife expedition.

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