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Tips for Securing Antarctica Cruise Deals

We have the best selection Antarctica cruise deals, and our experts know the nuances of how to secure the lowest cabin fare on an Antarctica cruise. Book early to find the best selection of expedition ships, cabins and itineraries at their lowest price. Last-minute discounts are sometimes available for travelers with flexibility, and seasonal discounts can be significant with lower prices in the early and late seasons of November and March. Some cruises are inclusive with pre-trip hotels, transfers and flights included in the price while others save money by offering a cruise-only price. Our experts will help you understand the details to find the best Antarctica cruise deal and avoid hidden fees. 

How Choosing Your Ship & Cabin Can Help You Save Money

Antarctica has a wide range of small expedition ships with a variety of amenities and price ranges. Some ships are luxurious with spacious cabin suites, balconies and upscale service. Others are more expedition style with more basic accommodations offering a good value for price-conscious travelers. Choose a share cabin or a cabin on a lower deck for the most affordable rate. View all our Antarctica cruises and deals, then consult with our staff and we will pair you with the best cruise for your budget.  Looking for something else, browse all our small ship cruise deals.