Polar Regions Antarctica Cruise

Polar Circle Air Cruise

Fly over Cape Horn and the famous waters of the Drake Passage to more quickly begin your sailing adventure across the Antarctic Circle. This 10-day Polar Circle Air Cruise takes you to one of the most remote places on earth: the coldest, highest, windiest, driest and most inhospitable continent of Antarctica. Sail where few others have gone while enjoying spectacular views and an expedition team that takes advantage of the ever-changing opportunities provided by nature. 

Sail along ice-filled fjords and among spectacular icebergs, watching for seabirds, penguins, seals and whales. Visit the South Shetland Islands and the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, disembarking by Zodiac each day to hike and explore the White Continent with expert polar guides. Visit sites such as Port Lockroy, Petermann Island, Paradise Bay, the Lemaire Channel, Prospect Point and other magnificent places, while always keeping an eye on the goal of reaching the Polar Circle.

This expedition expertly merges education, experience, and science. Participate in interactive workshops, open discussions, photography workshops and participation in Citizen Science programs that collect data in support of scientists around the world. As you explore collect phytoplankton samples, document migrating whales, gather photos of wildlife with polar tags and conduct seabird surveys.

This 10-day itinerary includes flying to and from Antarctica by air, then cruising by ship along the Antarctic Peninsula as far south as the Polar Circle. Your flight is aboard a BAE 146 plane; starting with the 2021-22 season, the flight may also be in an AVRO RJ 85 or AVRO RJ 100 jet. Each aircraft features high wings and engineering for very short runway requirements, perfect for landing in Antarctica. Your vessel is either the 72-guest Ocean Nova or the 2019-built, 71-guest Magellan Explorer. By flying over Cape Horn and the legendary waters of the Drake Passage, you will enjoy more time exploring the dramatic Antarctic continent.

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