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Booking Your Arctic Cruise
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The Arctic is one of the most remote and fascinating regions of the world. Arctic small ship cruises with AdventureSmith journey along fjords, mountains and glaciers in search of polar bears and other unique wildlife. Why book your Arctic cruise with AdventureSmith?

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We offer an unmatched selection of nearly 30 Arctic cruises aboard 20 expedition ships.

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Arctic cruise travelers stand on top of a rocky hillside overlooking a bay with icebergs, with snow-touched mountains in the distance.

Where to Cruise in the Arctic?

Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Canada, Russia, the Bering Sea and the North Pole are ideal for explorations by small ship cruise–how to choose? Svalbard is the most popular region for Arctic cruises, with its wealth of diversity in wildlife and cultural sites. Iceland cruises are another popular Arctic option, with wildlife flocking to the shorelines and colorful Nordic culture. Choose Greenland to explore the world’s largest island. Canada offers chances to spot mythical narwhals. And the North Pole is a bucket list destination unto itself. To explore more than one region, choose a cruise over two weeks.

Arctic cruise travelers in red jackets take photographs of iceberg bits in the water on a Zodiac cruise to the Arctic Circle, with a small polar ship in the background.

Antarctic vs Arctic Cruises

Distinct differences exist between the South and North Pole. Antarctica cruises operate in North American wintertime, focusing primarily on the Antarctic Peninsula. Arctic cruises run during the North American summer, offering a plethora of regions to explore. Amazing wildlife exists in both destinations, with Antarctica featuring penguins and whales; while the Arctic offers polar bears, walrus and reindeer. Arctic small ships include some sailboats, while both poles see expedition ships. Finally, the Arctic offers cultural highlights and historic settlements, while Antarctica has no inhabitants aside from scientists at research stations. Need more guidance to cruise the Arctic?

“The Arctic is one of the most remote and fascinating regions of the world.”


Arctic Cruises

Temperature & Rainfall

Avg. High (F)242623303845504943353026
Avg. Low (F)141313212934383835272117
Avg. Rainfall (Inches)

An Arctic Cruise for Every Season

Arctic cruises operate primarily May-September, but look for year-round sailings if you like to ski or seek the aurora borealis. Long summer days are ripe for exploration, with polar bears roaming more pack ice in the spring, opportunities to cruise farther as the season progresses, and northern lights cruises focused in the fall and winter. Note that the Arctic climate data referenced above is for Nuuk, Greenland.

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