Polar Regions Arctic Cruise

North Norway, Aurora Borealis & Whales

Whale watching, photographing wildlife, seeing the northern lights, hiking and sailing are what make this 8-day North Norway, Aurora Borealis & Whales small ship cruise special. Contoured with rugged mountains and cavernous fjords, Northern Norway is renowned for its natural beauty. Its immense coastline has twice been voted by National Geographic as the best travel destination in the world. In winter, when the mountains are capped with snow and the sun hangs heavy on the skyline, everything is embraced in frost. And there you are, sailing through magnificent fjords, snowshoeing steep mountain ridges and hiking along remote Arctic islands.

The main 8-day North Norway, Aurora Borealis & Whales itinerary sails round-trip from Tromso either on a north or south route depending on the season. This provides enough flexibility in schedule to capitalize on Arctic whale watching by day and hunting the aurora borealis by night. Opportunities to hike along small coastal bays, white beaches and up Mount Hillesøya make this an active and satisfying itinerary. If Arctic whale watching is your primary reason for sailing Norway, then the main North Norway, Aurora Borealis & Whales itinerary (North or South variations) is right for you.

If hiking in Norway, exploring High Arctic fjords and summiting breathtaking mountains is more your speed, the active 8-day alternative North Norway, Aurora Borealis: Hike & Sail itinerary is ideal. This alternative itinerary sails northeast from Tromso to the Nordic fjords for a chance to hike and snowshoe two to three times daily, stopping at the ancient trade and fishing settlement Hamnnes and seeing incredible arctic wildlife along the way.

If ski mountaineering in Norway is on your list, try the 8-day Alpine Peaks of North Norway, Ski & Sail itinerary beginning in Tromso and ending in Alta, Norway. It offers four days of skiing on mountains that can hardly be reached other than by small ship. This program is designed for experienced ski mountaineers who have mastered techniques for ascent and descent in challenging, snow-covered alpine terrain. Typical days involve climbs to mountaintops averaging 2,600 to 3,600 feet and downhill skiing from these points. Ski mountaineers must bring their own equipment.

Each of these itineraries are aboard two Arctic-ready schooners: the 2-masted, 20-guest Noorderlicht and the 3-masted, 33-guest Rembrandt van Rijn. Both ships are well suited for Arctic adventures, hoisting traditional sails while exploring remote areas in search of Arctic wildlife, geology and history. To help decide which North Norway, Aurora Borealis & Whales itinerary is right for you, contact the polar experts at AdventureSmith Explorations and book your trip of a lifetime!

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