Polar Regions Arctic Cruise

The North Pole

The top of the world. For centuries, adventurers and explorers tried to get to the North Pole by sled, ship, aircraft, dogs and balloons. The harsh realities of the Arctic climate defeated every single one of these intrepid travelers until as recently as 1948. Even today, reaching the North Pole is a difficult and challenging journey. Only a select few make it each year. 

The 14-day North Pole expedition aboard 128-guest Fifty Years of Victory is a chance to add your name to the short list of adventurers who have made the ultimate journey to the top of the world. Round-trip from Helsinki, Finland, this expedition includes hotel nights and a charter flight to/from the ship in Murmansk, Russia, the country’s most northerly city, for a seamless and exciting travel experience.

Everything is bigger in the Arctic. Massive icebergs are surrounded by a horizon that seems to go on forever. The vacant blue of the wide sky looks over a sea of ice. Even the silence seems overwhelming. The scale is vast and humbling. Forget things like cell phones and deadlines even exist. Sailing to the Arctic aboard a powerful yet intimate ship puts life in perspective. Experience it all from one of the largest, most sophisticated and powerful icebreakers ever constructed, including its onboard helicopter. This North Pole expedition also offers an added-cost option to rise up over in the landscape in a hot air balloon, a truly remarkable way to commemorate your voyage.

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