Polar Regions Arctic Cruise

Spitsbergen – Northeast Greenland

A voyage of icebergs, glaciers and Arctic wildlife, this 14-day Spitsbergen-Northeast Greenland expedition offers something for everyone. Spitsbergen is the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago and Greenland’s surface area is more than 80 percent covered by ice, reaching a thickness of over 10,000 feet in the interior. Experience dramatic coastlines and cruise through icy waters, searching for iconic Arctic wildlife like polar bears, musk oxen, hares and perhaps even experience the famed aurora borealis, or northern lights, as they light up the Arctic sky.

Kaiser Franz Josef Fjord is magnificent with towering mountains on both sides. Devil’s Castle, or Teufelschloss, is layered with geology and proceeds sailing through the Antarctic Sound. Segelsällskapets Fjord offers ancient sedimentary geology and the chance to see musk oxen, arctic hares and ptarmigans while hiking on Arctic land. Scoresby Sund is famous for glaciers, basalt columns and abandoned Inuit settlements with the remains of tent rings, meat caches and graves. Røde Island is one of the world’s most cherished iceberg attractions, where azure-white icebergs contrast beautifully with brooding red sediment slopes. Ittoqqortoormiut is the biggest settlement in the Scoresby Sund with about 500 current inhabitants.

In addition to the main 14-day Spitsbergen–Northeast Greenland itinerary, there is a 19-day alternative itinerary that spends two extra days exploring the northwest coast of Spitsbergen, three extra days exploring the east coast of Greenland, and has a charter flight from Greenland to Reykjavik, Iceland, capitalizing time spent exploring the Arctic.

The Spitsbergen – Northeast Greenland Arctic cruise is aboard the 108-guest Plancius, 108-guest Ortelius or 33-guest Rembrandt van Rijn, all of which are equipped for intimate exploration of incredible Arctic waters. Regardless of itinerary choice, the wildlife, history and frigid magnificence of the Arctic makes sailing from Spitsbergen to Greenland a trip to remember. Contact the polar experts at AdventureSmith Explorations to discuss which itinerary and ship best suits your interests, ability and budget.

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