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Baja California: Among the Great WhalesNext Trip
8 Days Cruise Baja California
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Serenity & Sea Life in the Sea of CortezNext Trip
5 Days Cruise Baja California
Westward Voyages in the Sea of CortezNext Trip
9 Days Cruise Baja California

Baja California and Mexico’s Sea of Cortez reveal a land of contrasts. Beautifully harsh, cactus-covered desert landscapes and islands give way to rich waters home to whales, dolphins and countless sea creatures. One of our favorite ways to explore Baja is by water. Whether from a small ship, private yacht or kayak, there are more than 1,600 miles of Baja coastline to adventure through. The 900-some islands of the Sea of Cortez are known as the Mexican Galapagos for their diversity and rare endemic species found nowhere else on earth. And that is just above land. The Sea of Cortez is a nutrient-rich smorgasbord that feeds vast numbers of sea life. In between islands it is not uncommon to see blue whales, spinner dolphins and sea lions. The countless islands speckled throughout this rich body of water offers native history, endemic bird life, reefs ideal for snorkeling and untouched white-sand beaches. With Baja’s limited coastal access via road, small ship cruising is the ideal and often only way to explore this remote area’s unique treasures. Most Baja cruises sail primarily in the Sea of Cortez, with a select few also exploring north along the Pacific Ocean coastline.

Let our bright and insightful crew help you choose from one of our scheduled Baja cruise departures, or contact us for private Baja yacht charters for a more intimate experience.

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A Baja cruise with AdventureSmith Explorations is an immersive journey into North America’s vast southern frontier, where adventurous activities meet magnificent wilderness, interesting culture and vast underwater worlds. The region’s diverse nature, history and culture come to life as experts guide you through the region.

Sailing through the Sea of Cortez offers time in remote islands hiking among the Cardon cactus forests, stopping at Los Islotes for a playful swim with the sea lions, kayaking along bird-filled cliffs and snorkeling among the reefs.

Or opt for traveling down the Pacific coast for whale-rich bays, unique stops at local premier dining and viticultural areas, visits to bird-filled islands, all experienced with expert guides and naturalists. Our options also include an adventure through the Channel Islands of Southern California for a unique National Park experience via water.

Our longstanding relationships with reputable companies offering Baja adventures by sea means our Adventure Specialists know the best Baja cruises, where to go in Baja and when and how to explore the unique region. Whatever Baja trip you choose you will be sure to come home with intriguing stories, incredible photos and memories to last a lifetime!

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8 Day Cruise
Baja's Bounty

Explore the Sea of Cortez, a World Heritage Site, for 8 days aboard the luxurious 88-guest Safari Endeavour. Experience Baja's warm crystalline waters and cactus-clad rims while watching for birds, whales, dolphins, mobula rays and other marine life.

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6 Day Cruise
The Whales of Magdalena Bay

Experience several days in the company of California gray whales on this Baja whale watching cruise while also exploring mangrove forests, desert landscapes and pristine beaches aboard the 62-guest National Geographic Sea Lion.

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15 Day Cruise
Baja: A Remarkable Journey

Discover whales, dolphins, colorful birdlife and pristine beaches while island hopping on this Mexico cruise in the vibrant Sea of Cortez. This 15-day expedition offers the opportunity to explore Baja's wild shores and desert islands alongside National Geographic professionals.

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