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Baja Small Ship Cruises
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AdventureSmith’s Baja cruises venture off the beaten track, away from crowded resorts, to focus on the incredible diversity of the region, from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean coastline. Let AdventureSmith guide you through the wide array of travel options in this remote yet nearby destination. Why cruise Baja with us?

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Work with one dedicated Adventure Specialist to research, purchase & prepare for your Baja small ship cruise.

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We offer Baja’s largest selection of small ships & owner-operated yachts, ranging in size from 8 to 100 passengers.

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Our longstanding relationships with reputable Baja ships translates into seamless sailings.

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We offer excellent prices, Baja cruise deals & the confidence of booking with a licensed & insured US-based company.

A small Baja cruise ship sails in the Sea of Cortez with a large green cactus in the foreground

Sailing the Sea of Cortez

After extensive trials, hands-down our favorite way to explore Baja is by water. Whether from a small ship, private yacht or kayak, there are more than 1,600 miles of Baja coastline to adventure through. The 900-some islands of the Sea of Cortez are known as the Mexican Galapagos for their diversity and rare endemic species found nowhere else on earth. And that is just above land. Cruising among the islands of the Sea of Cortez, it’s common to see blue whales, spinner dolphins, rays and sea lions. Small ship cruising is the best way to explore this remote area’s unique treasures as many locations are not accessible by road.

A gray whale swims just at the waters surface between two skiffs in Baja

Baja Gray Whale Cruises & Swimming with Whale Sharks

Each winter gray whales migrate south from their arctic feeding grounds to breed and rear their young in Baja California’s sheltered lagoons, making it one of North America’s premier whale watching sites. Baja whale watching can be a magical experience, especially on the Pacific coast where you are so close you can lock eyes and connect to these peaceful behemoths. The calm, warm bays provide the perfect gray whale watching experience as the curious mammals swim protected and often come right up to your small vessel just as interested in you as you are in them. Also on these small ship Baja cruises, the opportunity to swim with famed whale sharks in La Paz Bay can be an alternate option or an additional add-on activity depending on the trip and season. The AdventureSmith team can personalize recommendations to suit your time frame and wishes.

“Small ship cruising is the best way to explore the remote, primarily road-less Baja California.”


Baja Cruises

Temperature & Rainfall

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Avg. Low (F)606570758085858585807060
Avg. Water Temp (F)606065687073758080787365
Avg. Rainfall (Inches)

The Sea of Cortez Sailing Season

When is the best time to visit Baja? The typical small ship cruising season in Baja and the Sea of Cortez begins in December and continues through May. Within this time frame are sub-seasons: December through mid January is the early season when weather is coolest making hiking pleasant. In April, temperatures grow increasingly warmer with excellent opportunities for snorkeling. If gray whale watching is your goal, consider traveling during the height of their calving season, which begins in mid-January and runs through mid-March. 

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Find Baja climate tables and information about the peninsula’s different regions to help plan your Baja expedition at the perfect time.