Explore up close and in style with our curated selection of Galapagos luxury cruises. The Galapagos is an ideal luxury destination offering adventure, unique wildlife and scenic landscapes. There are a variety of luxurious small ships and yachts to choose from. With this choice, however, narrowing down the options can be challenging. How do you choose the right Galapagos luxury boat for you? AdventureSmith Explorations is here to help with this brief guide to get you started on planning your Galapagos luxury cruise.

Luxury yachts and small ships in the Galapagos feature the finest staterooms and cabins that are larger than other ships. These boats have exceptional ocean views and many with private balconies. Expect deluxe amenities, the finest cuisine, the best cruise itineraries, superior service and top-rated naturalist guides with excellent crew-to-guest ratios. Our selection of luxury Galapagos cruises is hand-picked and personally inspected to bring you only the finest vessels and experiences available in the Galapagos Islands.

We are award-winning Galapagos experts here to help you find the right cruise at the best price. All of our Galapagos Island luxury cruises are custom arranged. Work with a dedicated Adventure Specialist with expertise in the Galapagos to research, book and prepare for your cruise. Our crew will handle all the arrangements including permits, park fees, domestic flights, pre and post transfers, hotels, tours and trip extensions. Consider complementing your cruise with a luxury land tour to mainland Ecuador, Peru or the Amazon. Our experts ensure your Galapagos cruise luxury is seamless and carefree. 

The Galapagos Luxury Cruise Experience

What do Galapagos luxury cruises offer? All of our Galapagos cruises focus on providing a comfortable platform to get travelers out exploring the landscapes and the unique wildlife of the islands through daily guided shore excursions and hikes to top visitor sites. As you visit the Galapagos expect to experience wildlife up close on a variety of cruise itineraries including charismatic sea lions, otherworldly marine iguanas, giant tortoises, colorful red and blue footed booby birds or even the waved albatross. There are dozens of visitor sites and all cruise itineraries are approved by the Galapagos National Park. Most cruises begin and end in San Cristobal, Puerto Ayora or Baltra Island. See our post on How to Choose Your Galapagos Cruise for even more detailed advice.

Many ships also offer opportunities to experience the charismatic megafauna of the area through snorkel excursions or glass-bottom boat rides for a guided, dry experience. Here at AdventureSmith, we are experts at finding the perfect refuge for each individual traveler’s needs for relaxing after full days of exploration. All of our Galapagos luxury yachts offer comfortable sun decks to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine, internal lounges for casual conversation, hot showers and comfortable beds.

Galapagos Luxury Yachts

Your Galapagos luxury cruise experience is profoundly influenced by the yacht or small ship you choose. There are a wide variety of Galapagos luxury boats to choose from each with its own amenities and personality. Among the most popular and affordable yachts offering luxury Galapagos cruises is the 16-guest catamaran Ocean Spray. The 16-guest trimaran Camila offers efficient navigation, comfort, and sustainability. The 16-guest Sea Star Journey features two Jacuzzis while the newly built 20-guest Galapagos Infinity offers a high guest-to-crew ratio. Choose the 14-guest WildAid’s Passion if you want to combine luxury with conservation.

The historical 16-guest Grace was once owned by Princess Grace of Monaco and the 32-guest Evolution has a historical feel aboard a larger stable small ship. Experts from National Geographic educate and entertain guests aboard the 48-guest Islander. Among our favorite Galapagos luxury yachts are the stylish 20-guest sister ships Origin, Theory and Evolve.  These luxurious boats are among the finest in the Galapagos and our experts have experience aboard them all to help you choose the best Galapagos luxury cruise for you and your family. 

Galapagos Luxury Charters & Groups

Travelers looking for an exclusive experience can charter a private Galapagos luxury boat, small ship or yacht. All our luxury Galapagos cruise ships and yachts are available for charter. Galapagos luxury yacht charters offer travelers the ability to create a more intimate cruise experience while customizing the itinerary to suit the group’s interests and abilities and save money. Our Galapagos Islands cruise luxury charters are ideal for groups of 12-100 guests. We also specialize in private custom Galapagos land tours for couples and small groups. For more tips see our posts on How to Charter a Yacht in 7 Steps and How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht or browse our selection of Galapagos cruise deals. Stepping ashore on your first Galápagos Island you will be thankful you selected a luxury cruise from AdventureSmith.