So you want to visit the Galapagos Islands and you’ve decided to go via cruise. Nice choice! A Galapagos cruise is the most effective and immersive way to see the remarkable archipelago. Now it’s time for pre-trip research and you’re in the right spot because AdventureSmith Explorations is your go-to Galapagos cruising guide.

This collection of resources and blog posts covers everything from how to choose your cruise to the wildlife you’ll see when you get there. Should you choose an Eastern or Western Islands route? What are the must-do activities? What will the weather be like? Start your trip planning and research here with our cruising guide to the Galapagos islands, or to learn more about our unique style of cruising, view our worldwide small ship cruise guide

Galapagos Cruising Guide: The Essentials

Our cruising guide to the Galapagos islands includes articles written by our experienced crew of Adventure Specialists. Perhaps you’re wondering what the weather is like? Or what Galapagos Islands animals you will come face to face with? Interested in which seasons are best to visit the islands? (Hint: they are ALL amazing) but there are benefits to each month.

Get a grasp of the destination’s seasonal variations, from wildlife occurrences to water temperature, by reading our Galapagos Climate page and Best Time to Visit Galapagos. To learn about Galapagos travel logistics, airports, flights, cost and more, read How to Get to Galapagos

For fun insights and must-do’s before and even during your trip check out Galapagos Travel Tips. You can make the most of your trip by taking Galapagos cruise information straight from our well-traveled crew.  

The Next Step: Selecting Your Itinerary & Ship

What is the best length of itinerary? Which islands should I visit? To plan and choose your perfect cruise, start with our primer How to Choose your Galapagos Cruise. You will learn what to expect from daily shore excursions and naturalist guides, to a review of different vessel categories and the decision factors that go into choosing the right ship for you and your needs.  
There are an incredible number of ships operating cruises inside the Galapagos. But what you will learn from our Galapagos cruising guide is that most offer the same itinerary routes; they have to, based on the National Park regulation.  

Therefore, much of the decision comes down to where you want to relax after a long day of exploring. Rest assured AdventureSmith represents only the best small ships and yachts in the Galapagos. Our selection of more than 20 expedition ships range from 12 to 100 guests and include just about every style and budget. 

Galapagos Cruising Guide by Special Interest

Looking for a luxury Galapagos experience? Maybe you’re bringing the kids or have a large enough group you can charter a boat. We’ve made dedicated pages for you. Use our special interest pages as a starting point for planning your visit. We share Galapagos cruise information on these special interest topics plus our favorite trips on these curated lists of  Galapagos luxury cruisesGalapagos family cruises & tours and Galapagos yacht charters.   

More Firsthand Galapagos Insight

Now that you’ve reviewed our Galapagos cruising guide and are more familiar with the islands, another way to find your perfect Galapagos itinerary is to read the experience of others. View our Galapagos cruise reviews written by our crew of Galapagos specialists and travelers just like you. 
Want even more Galapagos cruise information and personalized recommendations? Contact our crew to tap into our extensive knowledge and firsthand experience. They will help you narrow down all the cruise options based on your travel style, budget and timing needs.