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5 - 7 Day Cruise
Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruises

The 90-guest Santa Cruz II is an expedition vessel in the Galapagos Islands with itineraries designed to capitalize on wildlife viewing. Enjoy hikes, snorkeling and a glass-bottom boat, alongside talented naturalist guides and a stellar crew, all of which set this trip apart.

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4 - 5 Day Cruise
Legend Galapagos Cruises

Galapagos Legend small ship cruises bring luxury, quality and service in a casual setting. The 100-passenger Galapagos Legend is known for being affordable, stable and great for family travelers who want to see wildlife, hike and snorkel in the Galapagos.

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10 Day Cruise
National Geographic Endeavour II Galapagos Cruises

The 96-passenger National Geographic Endeavour II boasts high caliber expedition leaders and naturalist staff and specified expedition tools. Guests experience the perfect balance of comfort, activity and education.

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From $7560USD
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7 Day Cruise
National Geographic Islander Galapagos Cruises

The perfect blend of activity and education the 48-guest National Geographic Islander offers snorkeling, hiking and expert guides and naturalists on this 7-day cruise in the Galapagos Islands.

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From $5900USD
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5 - 7 Day Cruise
Isabela II Galapagos Cruises

The 40-passenger yacht Isabela II offers the efficiency and intimacy of a smaller yacht yet retains the luxury and amenities of a Galapagos small ship. Enjoy an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere while experiencing the full adventure of the Galapagos Islands.

From $3820USD
Year Round
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5 - 7 Day Cruise
La Pinta Galapagos Cruises

La Pinta is a gorgeous 209-foot expedition yacht, with capacity for 48 guests to enjoy a relaxed yet lavish expedition atmosphere in some of the largest cabins in the Galapagos, plus free WiFi, interconnecting cabins and a kids program.

From $5024USD
Year Round
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Our team is adept at personalizing Galapagos cruise recommendations to match your timing, activity level, travel style and budget. Let us know what you are thinking, and we’ll reach out with personalized recommendations. All we need are a few details like how many travelers are in your group and your basic interests to get started on a custom Galapagos Islands travel recommendation. Or if you have time to browse, consider reading about the Galapagos cruises we’ve recently been aboard and reviewed.

Kelly Gorrell • June 18th, 2020
Expert Review: Camila Galapagos Cruise

An AdventureSmith expert shares her thoughts and advice in this Camila Galapagos cruise review after spending time aboard the 16-guest Camila trimaran with action-packed days on land and in the sea, led by a fantastic crew and naturalist guide.

Mary Kohut • October 15th, 2018
Expert Review: Origin Galapagos Cruise

This detailed review of what it’s like aboard the 20-guest Origin in the Galapagos Islands showcases not only the guides, yacht, wildlife and itinerary but also how it feels to be among a community of like-minded passengers.

Peter Avedschmidt • December 9th, 2019
Expert Review: La Pinta Galapagos Cruise

This La Pinta Galapagos cruise review recaps an AdventureSmith expert’s time aboard the 48-guest La Pinta expedition ship and his numerous, incredible Galapagos wildlife encounters, from flying flamingos to algae-eating marine iguanas!

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