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Hawaii Small Ship Cruises
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We offer the most unique, intimate way to visit Hawaii—by yacht. With tens of millions visiting the Hawaiian Islands each year, take a Hawaii cruise for an entirely new, off-the-beaten-path travel experience. Hawaii’s underwater seascape is as spectacular as the lofty and often active volcanoes high overhead. Let us take you there with efficiency and ease. Why book your small ship Hawaiian Island cruise with AdventureSmith?

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Work with one Adventure Specialist to research, purchase & prepare for your Hawaii yacht cruise.

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We have an unmatched selection of expedition ships and yachts worldwide for small ship cruising.

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We have sailed and traveled extensively in Hawaii and can match you with the best experience.

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We’re here to help you save on your Hawaii cruise with our partnerships & exclusive deals.

Which Hawaiian Islands to Visit?

Let your captain decide! Hawaii small ship cruising offers a way to reach many of the islands, letting the captain and a flexible itinerary be your guide to splendid isolation. Popular stops on our island hopping Hawaii cruises include Hawaii, Maui, Molakai and Lanai, but the beauty of expedition cruising is the ability to mix it up to take advantage of the best weather and wildlife opportunities each week. Only a Hawaii interisland cruise makes this possible.

A person snorkeling in Hawaii beside a green Pacific sea turtle

Snorkeling in Hawaii & Whale Watching Cruises

Cruise through Hawaiian waters in search of wildlife above and below the waterline. Snorkeling in Hawaii is a must-do activity for most travelers. Hawaiian Island cruises allows you to venture into coral gardens and sea turtle habitat that can only be reached via small ship, and some routes offer the unusual chance to snorkel with giant pacific manta rays at night—a magical experience not easily forgotten.

Being in the water isn’t the only opportunity for wildlife sightings, as right from the ship’s deck guests watch for humpback whales while gliding through whale territory off the coast of Maui and the Big Island, with dolphins commonly playing in the bow wake.

Cruising Hawaii offers a way to reach many of the islands, letting the captain and a flexible itinerary be your guide.


Hawaii Small Ship Cruises

Temperature & Rainfall

Avg. High (F)808082828486888888868481
Avg. Low (F)666667697072747474737067
Avg. Water Temp (F)767676767676808080808080
Avg. Rainfall (Inches)

Year-Round Hawaii Cruising Weather

In Hawaii, winter is warm and summer is warmer. Even in “winter,” temperatures are regularly in the 80s, making it an incredible small ship cruising destination for year-round fun. While rain is common, your small ship captain can navigate to windward and leeward sides of islands to take advantage of unique microclimates and steer you away from rain storms.

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