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11 Days Cruise Indonesia

Indonesia is freckled with remote islands that encompass intriguing traditional cultures, empty white-sand beaches and unique landscapes. Underneath these karst limestone islands is a vast, biodiverse environment of colorful corals and sea life ripe for exploration—and your captain knows the exact location for the best underwater experiences.

With only a few airports within this archipelago, small ship cruising is the ideal mode of transportation, allowing visitors access to a variety of stops in this otherwise seldom-reached destination—a place well worth the effort to get to. Options include sailing along the popular island of Bali and extend as far off as New Guinea, with many historical, cultural and wildlife-filled spots in between. There is no shortage of places to explore within this impressive archipelago.

Sail Indonesia with the assurance of AdventureSmith Explorations’ cruise industry expertise. We match you with the right itinerary and small ship for your interests so that your Indonesia cruise experience is unforgettable. Our services continue throughout your journey with your dedicated specialist just a call or email away.

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Take a cruise through Indonesia to venture beyond the well-traveled regions and see a wide variety of cultures, wildlife, historical places of interest and stunning scenery, which most Indonesia travelers will never see. What this diverse island nation offers is unlimited, don’t miss out, book an Indonesia cruise for a remote, adventurous and incredible trip!

Our Indonesian cruises include a range of itineraries with a variety of focal points. Your selection includes classic Komodo and Bali cruise options as well as farther-flung routes. Experience the karst islands and underwater kaleidoscope of the Raja Ampat archipelago; the history and spice markets of the Spice Islands; the art and culture of Papua New Guinea; and the jungle waterfalls, unique wildlife and quiet coastal villages of lesser-known Indonesian islands.

Our Indonesia cruises epitomize small, sustainable travel in the region. As Indonesia cruise experts, we are your ultimate resource. Browse our well-rounded small ship cruise selection and let us help you sort through the options to ensure you get on the best trip for your interests.

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5 - 8 Day Cruise
Sailing Indonesia: Bali, Komodo & Flores

From Bali to Flores, experience Indonesia's Dances, Dragons & Magical Lakes aboard the 24-guest Ombak Putih or 14-guest Katharina. Encounter the famous Komodo dragon, snorkel in pristine coral reef and explore beautiful deserted beaches.

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12 Day Cruise
Sailing Indonesia: The Spice Islands

Sail, snorkel, kayak and stand-up paddleboard along Indonesia’s spice route. Learn the history, culture and ecology of the Spice Islands on this Banda Sea cruise aboard the 24-guest Ombak Putih sailing vessel or 14-guest Katharina ketch.

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15 - 21 Day Cruise
Islands of Indonesia

Snorkel, kayak and dive on this 15-day Islands of Indonesia cruise. Participate in conservation at Taka Bonerate National Park, visit Komodo and experience cultural and historical sites on this unique Sulawesi cruise aboard the 120-guest Coral Adventurer.

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Cruise Indonesia

AdventureSmith sails Indonesia's most remote reaches, along the eastern coast of Sulawesi. Learn our insights on this trip and the highlights of a Sulawesi cruise.
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Cruise Indonesia

AdventureSmith's Director of Sales & Operations reviews his Raja Ampat cruise aboard the 24-guest Ombak Putih. Follow his adventures swimming with stingless jellyfish and seeking out the famed bird-of-paradise.
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Cruise Indonesia

An intimate look at island hopping in Indonesia aboard 24-guest Ombak Putih.
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