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Aqua Blu Raja Ampat Cruise

Sailing towards the edge of the Pacific Ocean, this 8-day Raja Ampat cruise expedition is a visual spectacle with unmatched marine diversity on show at some of the best dive and snorkel sites on Earth. Indonesia’s Raja Ampat features beautiful limestone karst island clusters that enthrall explorers with secret lagoons, bays and beaches. During this Indonesia cruise aboard the 30-guest luxury yacht Aqua Blu, explore the world’s most biodiverse environments and also tuck into perfect private hideaways.

Enjoy world-class wildlife excursions both on the ground and underwater. Go in search of birds of paradise that exist nowhere else on Earth. These winged wonders live alongside 350 other bird species, including forest kingfishers and king parrots, making the region a mecca for birders. Scour beaches for turtle species including the Pacific leatherback, the largest of all living turtle species on Earth. And don either dive gear or a snorkel and fins to discover the underwater delights of this Marine Protected Area.

Passage is aboard Aqua Blu, a luxury long-range explorer yacht with a military past, specifically refurbished for cruising among Indonesian waters. Enjoy her fine appointments, 5-star Indonesian cuisine with menus developed by a world-renowned chef, and state-of-the-art safety equipment for a unique way to cruise Indonesia.

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