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Sailing Indonesia: The Spice Islands

Be transported back in time on this 12-day Indonesian cruise as the 24-guest Ombak Putih sailing vessel winds its way among remote palm-fringed coral islands, majestic rainforests and huge smoking conical volcanoes. The Moluccas are the original Spice Islands of Indonesia: a magical destination, beautiful, remote and unspoiled, with a long, fascinating and turbulent history. For millennia these fertile volcanic isles were the world’s only source of the holy trinity of rare spices: cloves, nutmeg and mace, which were once worth their weight in gold. Sail Indonesia and relish the opportunity to swim, snorkel, kayak and stand-up paddleboard in waters rich in marine life.

On the main itinerary, go in search of Wallace and his living treasures, taking in firsthand experiences of unique ecology. Each departure is lead by Dr. George Beccaloni – naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace expert and head of the Wallace Correspondence Project. Visit some of the places that most fascinated Wallace: the Spice Island of Ternate, Wallace’s base for his eastern travels and once the center of the world clove trade; the mysterious island of Halmahera where Wallace discovered evolution by natural selection; and the remote Raja Ampat Islands with their pristine, incredibly diverse coral reefs and up to five species of Birds of Paradise. Also hope to see giant clams, massive manta rays, humongous coconut crabs, endangered black macaque monkeys and possibly dugongs.

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