Europe Mediterranean Cruise

The Dalmatian Coast & Montenegro

Spend 8 days sailing The Dalmatian Coast & Montenegro aboard the 34-guest mega-yacht Callisto. This round-trip Dubrovnik cruise explores port towns and cities in Croatia and Montenegro that capture the history of the people and the land.

In Croatia, Split was the former Imperial Resident of Roman Emperior Diocletian, dating back from the 4th century. Rab was founded in Roman times along a narrow strip of land arching out of the Adriatic Sea. Hvar boasts a fascinating collection of monuments, including St. Stephens with a treasury, bell tower and arsenal that was built in 1611 and houses Europe’s oldest theater. Kotor, in Montenegro, is fortified by 10th century city walls and is home to the Baroque church of St. Blaise.

Match these historical delights with over 200 bird species and indigenous flora at Krka National Park, daily swims in the clear blue Adriatic Sea, wine tasting at Lumbarda Village and a stroll through the Milina-Bire family vineyard, and your Croatia and Montenegro small ship cruise is complete.

Optional daily activities may be added on to the voyage at an additional price, or simply enjoy time in port on your own. Whether you relax on board, meander through culturally rich towns or adventure on optional daily excursions, you’re sure to enjoy The Dalmatian Coast & Montenegro small ship cruise. Call the experts at AdventureSmith Explorations for recommendations on which activities may best suit your travel interests and book your small ship cruise of a lifetime!

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