Europe Northern Europe Cruise

Circumnavigating the Baltic Sea

Explore nine countries that have thrived along the Baltic Sea and discover their intertwined histories filled with fascinating cultures on this Baltic Sea cruise. Sail aboard the 148-guest National Geographic Explorer to see each city’s skyline approach from the water. This privileged vantage point, cruising the Baltic Sea by ship, allows you to sail routes of the old Hanseatic League, in the paths of early traders and nobles, and it lets you enter the cities as they were meant to be entered—by sea. Spend this 16-day trip diving into character-filled villages, wandering along the medieval walled city of Visby and dining on local specialties. Enjoy ample choices and avenues for exploration in each city.

Travel roundtrip from Copenhagen visiting all the highlights in between. Venture into the medieval old towns of Riga and Tallinn, designated UNESCO World Heritage sites. Travel the tiny islands along the Finnish and Swedish coasts by kayak or on nature walks. View one of the world’s greatest art collections at the Hermitage Museum, explore St. Petersburg’s imperial treasures, including the palace of Catherine the First. The heritage found at each site is astounding and you will encounter many examples for the memory books.

Every day join naturalist or historian-guided hikes; or experiment with camera settings on a leisurely photo-focused walk. The encyclopedic knowledge of the historians adds insight, depth, and clarity to each destination and all the wonders contained while the naturalists describe the geology of these rich coastlines. If improving your travel photos is a passion, spend time with the National Geographic photographer and the National Geographic certified photo instructor aboard ship and on walks ashore. Discover a fascinating kaleidoscope of history and cultures on this voyage among nine countries united by the Baltic Sea.

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