Europe Northern Europe Cruise

Norwegian Fjords & Scottish Isles

On this voyage aboard the innovative 126-guest National Geographic Endurance, spend 9 days sailing across the North Sea in the wake of legendary explorers and seafarers. Travel from Norway’s breathtaking fjords and snow-dusted mountains to Scotland’s rolling green hills and ancient ruins. Glide beneath the dramatic cliffs of the second largest fjord in Norway. Explore the rich traditions and evocative seascapes of the Shetland Islands. Travel back in time amid the Stone Age sites of the Orkney Islands, which includes a stone circle and a 5,000-year-old stone village. This trip begins in Bergen, Norway and ends in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Two highly intriguing cultures–Norse Vikings and Gaelic Scots–intermingle on this voyage, leaving travelers in awe of this area’s history. This cultural-, historical- and nature-focused trip provides ample fodder for a smorgasbord of learning and each stop offers captivating options to choose from. Walk through the historical small towns where Viking culture ruled and trading hubs thrived, then venture to Scotland where the Scots eked out life in the Scottish Isles. Venture to inlets, golden beaches, towering cliffs filled with birds and nature reserves, via kayak or Zodiac.

Travel on this Norway and Scotland cruise in the company of National Geographic top experts. Benefit from their expertise—marine and terrestrial biology, botany, geology—and let them provide the perfect opportunity to encounter an interwoven tapestry of histories and cultures. Also aboard is a National Geographic photographer ready and able to offer photography tips and tricks for each guest to capture the incredible environment of the Norwegian Fjords and Scottish Isles. Benefit from their passion to share the wonder of this incredible region.

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