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French Polynesian Discovery: Tahiti to the Marquesas

Follow in the path of early Polynesian navigators on this epic 10-day voyage aboard the 102-guest National Geographic Orion. From the aquamarine atolls of the Tuamotu Islands to the lush volcanic peaks of the mysterious Marquesas, visit some of the most remote and compelling sites in the far reaches of French Polynesia. Afterwards, consider the post-cruise extension option to continue on board on a relaxing 7-day sea voyage, as the ship traces the path of master Polynesian navigators and makes its way across the equator to Hawai’i for 2 days of exploration.

Highlights of this expedition include venturing into the lush tropical forest and discovering ancient Polynesian sacred sites on the verdant island of Hiva Oa; snorkeling or diving in the Tuamotus, with their abundant fish and thriving coral reef ecosystems; stand-up paddleboarding in gorgeous turquoise lagoons; and watching on deck as the ship navigates into dramatic Hanavave Bay.

The 102-guest Nat Geo Orion acts as floating basecamp during the voyage. This small expedition ship is technologically advanced and equipped with a full set of exploration tools, including an ROV and enough kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and Zodiacs to send all guests out exploring at the same time. Additionally, select cabins offer private balconies for special moments taking in the awe-inspiring wilderness. The National Geographic Orion features a nearly 1:1 guest-to-crew ratio, ensuring that your trip to paradise comes with attentive service.

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