Asia / Pacific Indonesia Cruise

Frontier Lands of New Guinea

Travel from Australia aboard the 120-guest Coral Adventurer to the remote sights and sounds of the rarely visited New Guinea. Experience some of the world’s most striking and intact cultural regions as they emerge into the 21st century and venture into the most remote corners of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia on a series of distinct departures with trip lengths to suit a range of travel needs.

The main, comprehensive 26-day expedition runs between Cairns and Darwin, Australia, to explore nearly the entire northeast coast of Papua New Guinea as well as the stunningly beautiful Raja Ampat, Indonesia, and the history-rich Spice Islands.

Throughout the expedition guests discover the very best that nature has to offer, with the brilliantly colored bird-of-paradise, the world’s most diverse coral reefs and unique and powerful villages that have maintained traditional lifestyles throughout years of colonial exploration. Visit the National Historical Heritage Island Samarai Island, learn about the Islands of Love’s traditional culture, paddle on local outriggers in Lababia, sail past an active volcano while admiring regional hand-carved artifacts, scuba dive (added cost) through coral reefs and zip through “gumdrop” karst islands aboard a Zodiac.

A shorter but similar 23-day route highlights culture and the art of the Malukus. Either of these routes can be split into two shorter itineraries for travelers with less time, to experience portions of this unique Frontier Lands of New Guinea. There are also 11- and 13-day departures with focuses on wildlife and specific regions like southeast coast of Papua New Guinea and the northwest of West Papua.

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