North America Pacific Northwest Cruise

Columbia & Snake Rivers Journey

Embark on a 7- or 8-day culinary journey that embraces the Columbia and Snake River regions’ vibrant history, harvests and landscapes, aboard the 100-guest National Geographic Quest, the 100-guest National Geographic Venture, the 62-guest National Geographic Sea Bird or the 62-guest National Geographic Sea Lion. Stroll vineyards, sample wine and craft beer and enjoy a menu the onboard chef has planned for this voyage to represent the bounty of the region. This trip’s recently acquired Food Alliance affiliation ensures the vast majority of the food served on board is locally and sustainably produced. 

Relive a chapter of history and an expedition that changed America and became a national treasure. Retrace some of the route Lewis & Clark followed on their Corps of Discovery Expedition, learning many facets of their voyage by visiting sites where they camped, and learning about First Nations’ inter-tribal relationships and well-established trade routes. 

Hike, kayak and enjoy Zodiac cruises through the Columbia River Gorge for an up-close perspective of a restless land, uplifted mountain ranges and volcanoes. Cruise through the largest basalt flow the planet has ever undergone, and explore where the largest floods in history ravaged the earth before a series of cataclysmic landslides displaced the river. And transit a series of eight locks that lifts the ship 700 feet, which is ten times the elevation of the Panama Canal! An onboard geologist shares the history while sailing the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Added experts include a historian, expedition leader, wellness specialist and National Geographic certified photo instructor.

Offered on this Columbia & Snake Rivers Journey is an 8-day Fall Harvest or 7-day Spring Bloom itinerary. Each of these trips begin in Portland, Oregon, and end in Clarkston, Washington. There is also a reverse itinerary that operates westbound, beginning in Clarkston and ending in Portland. Contact AdventureSmith to decide which itinerary best suits your schedule and interests. Inquire about this or other Pacific Northwest cruises for the adventure of a lifetime.