Greg Mortimer

126 (avg)
year built
crew members
341 feet
60 feet
17 feet
cruising speed
10-12 knots
ice class
1A, PC6

The Greg Mortimer, sister ship to the Sylvia Earle, is an adventure-ready polar expedition ship sailing in Antarctica. Built and launched in 2019, this activity- and conservation-minded polar vessel honors esteemed Australian mountaineer Greg Mortimer. This namesake small ship uniquely features hydraulic viewing platforms at the bow of the ship. It is also the first passenger ship to feature the patented X-BOW® icebreaker hull. Its unique polar ice class 6 rating enables it to operate year-round in polar environments. Its ability to venture farther, paired with a design optimized for active off-ship excursions, sets the stage for incredible and far-reaching polar experiences.

Greg Mortimer Review

AdventureSmith Explorations’ Greg Mortimer review includes a detailed description of this active small ship including deck plans and a photo gallery. Our expedition ship experts have been aboard Greg Mortimer firsthand. Please read our Greg Mortimer review below then contact our experts to compare the Greg Mortimer with other purpose-built, activity-minded, ice-class expedition ships offering Antarctica cruises.

Choose the Greg Mortimer for its spirit of adventure, focus on active excursions and novel design. Stemming from 25 years of polar expertise, its design enables unique vantages to experience the polar world, well-thought spaces to prepare for outings, efficient means of on- and off-boarding guests for outdoor adventures, and increased comfort and efficiency. The Greg Mortimer offers the ideal base camp for adventures at the outer limits of human exploration.

Design, Sustainability & Accessibility Aboard Greg Mortimer

Designed and built by the Norwegian ship builders Ulstein Group, Greg Mortimer is the first tourist ship in operation to offer Ulstein’s innovative, signature bow—the X-BOW®. This patented, inverted bow design already used on over 100 vessels in commercial shipping, enables increased sustainability, efficiency, safety and stability in polar travel. With this state-of-the-art design, Greg Mortimer offers more comfortable cruising in rough seas while also moving among landing sites more efficiently and lessening the ship’s environmental impact thanks to reduced fuel consumption by up to 80% compared to older ships. This bow design also creates space for windows close to the water, enabling guests to view straight ahead and down into the ocean from a vantage point not possible with older ships that feature a traditional bulbous bow. This translates into the ability for passengers to appreciate the majesty of an iceberg immediately as it appears on the horizon.

Combine the bow design with multiple observation decks, including observation wings that extend out from the sides of the ship, and Greg Mortimer is a top choice for viewing the polar environment from the ship. The ship’s larger volume displacement in the fore, plus inverted bow and slender hull lines offer higher fuel efficiency, less loss of speed in waves, more stability in turbulent waters, softer entry into waves, low acceleration levels, less spray, less slamming and bow impact, and reduced vibration. Additionally, Zero Speed™ dynamic stabilizers help create unrivaled stability and comfort. The ship also features virtual anchoring to hold its position using a combination of GPS, steering technology, propellers and thrusters, thus protecting the sea floor and minimizing the damage caused by conventional anchors. Additionally, Greg Mortimer’s world class return-to-port equipment duplicates the propulsion system, providing a back-up means to maintain operating systems in the event of engine failure. Finally, Greg Mortimer offers accessibility via an elevator serving all six guest decks, as well as select cabins that feature a wheelchair-accessible configuration.

Common Areas Aboard Greg Mortimer

Greg Mortimer offers its guests a variety of spaces to gather and be social. Observation areas are maximized with Deck 5 including sheltered viewing platforms on starboard and port near the front of the ship, as well as special hydraulic viewing platforms that extend out from near the bow. The aft of Deck 7 offers a large sun deck to enjoy on a calm day. The fore of Decks 7 and 8 features a teak, wraparound observation deck, extending onto outdoor walkways along both sides of Deck 8. Walk inside at the front of Deck 8 to enjoy an enclosed observation lounge with bars, panoramic windows, wildlife guides, books, binoculars and a set up that encourages passengers to relax and share the day’s highlights with newfound friends. Deck 8’s open-air BBQ area is ready to host a special meal on a spectacular day, and the two Jacuzzis and two plunge pools at the back of Deck 8 offer a tranquil and refreshing experience between activities. Finally, the ship’s fully-stocked medical clinic is ready to help with ailments during each voyage.

Dining Aboard Greg Mortimer

Guests are treated to an array of food options aboard this polar expedition ship, with hearty meals and delicious morning/afternoon teas. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet-style, while dinner is a three-course meal. The elegant-yet-casual dining room features tables of various sizes and configurations, to accommodate groups of varying sizes. All guests may be seated at the same time, in an open arrangement that encourages new connections with each meal. Viewing windows keep the polar environment in sight while guests dine. Tea, coffee and snacks are available 24 hours a day. The menu changes for each meal, along with a variety of house wine, beers and soft drinks. A private dining room, partitioned off from the main dining room, is available for special occasions.

Activities Aboard Greg Mortimer

This ship is designed to keep passengers engaged while cruising, but its heart lies in off-ship immersions into the unique environments in which it sails. Greg Mortimer is primed to send and receive polar divers, climbers, skiiers, snowshoers and paddlers. The specially-designed mudroom provides each guest with an open locker storage area for boots, jacket, personal flotation device and other outerwear, removing the need to store these wet items in one’s cabin. Rapid drying areas for dry suits and wetsuits provide the best opportunity for gear to dry out between outings. The mudroom also features biosecurity clearance zones for washing and cleaning boots or outerwear as required, to ensure the polar surroundings remain pristine. Activity preparation areas and four dedicated, sea-level Zodiac loading platforms along both sides as well as the rear of the ship enable efficient ship-to-shore operations for the 15 Zodiacs carried on board.

On board, enjoy added-cost WiFi throughout the ship. The comfortable and inviting library and multimedia room, located at the heart of the ship, is stocked with polar literature about pioneering explorers, wildlife and more to inspire and inform. The library also features space to organize photos and board games to engage with other guests over. The gym enables guests to maintain fitness routines with weight machines, spin bikes and treadmills. Relaxing treatments in the Wellness Center spa encourage one to unwind after a day in the polar elements, as does the wooden sauna with a floor-length viewing window. The ship’s shop provides memorable gifts to bring back home and also supplies crucial forgotten items. The lecture theater and lounge is a large indoor theater used regularly to provide the full complement of guests with educational talks and informative briefings on topics including history, wildlife, climate and daily activities.

Crew & Guides Aboard Greg Mortimer

The 14-19 expedition guides aboard each departure help create a focus on immersion into the polar wilds in which the ship sails. Educational and entertaining guides keep guests engaged on topics such as history and culture, biology and climate. Naturalists and local specialists aim to deepen passengers’ understanding of the region in which they’re traveling. Each departure’s 71-80 well-trained, international crew members are ready to make polar dreams come true, with an eye for detail and a passion for fun.

Cabins & Deck Plan Aboard Greg Mortimer

All 79 cabins are comfortable, with neutral tones and earthy touches of wood and stone. Each stateroom or suite offers the option of one king-size bed or two twin beds, private ensuite bathroom with heated floors, room-controlled thermostat, safe, 42-inch flat-screen TV, desk area, closet space, one mug and drink bottle per guest, and electrical outlets serving 220 volts, 60 hertz AC via a universal plug.