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9 Days Land Tour Arctic
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Arctic tours with AdventureSmith offer remote wilderness, unique Arctic lodge options and Arctic polar bear tours closer to home and farther afield. Start your trip search here with our expertise and insight. From the northern lights to narwhals, the magic and wide range of experiences in the Arctic keep travelers returning for more.

We are award-winning polar travel specialists with extensive knowledge of Arctic tours at remote wilderness lodges. Journey to the Arctic with the assurance of our industry experts who handle the logistics and make planning your Arctic travel fun.

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Arctic Tours for Authentic Wilderness & Wildlife

The Arctic is generally described as everything north of the Arctic Circle, a line of latitude at approximately 66° 34′ N. The region spans the Arctic Ocean and eight countries, and despite its harsh climate, over 4 million people call this place home. These settlements, along with the Arctic’s history of Viking conquests and polar explorers, make it a culturally exciting region to visit—not to mention its stunning icescapes and central symbol: the polar bear.

Our team can match you with the perfect land-based Arctic expedition. Greenland and Canada are ideal for explorations at unique wilderness lodges, and our selected Arctic tours get you up close to the abundant wildlife via ATV, helicopter, polar-rover vessels, kayak or paddleboard. Start your Arctic trip search here!

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6 - 7 Day Land Tour
Classic Polar Bear Adventure

Encounter the world’s greatest concentration of polar bears as they gather along Hudson Bay from the comfort of Polar Rover vehicles that allow up close observation in small intimate groups.

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10 Day Land Tour
Arctic Watch

Explore the Canadian Arctic on Somerset Island in Nunavut by fat biking, rafting, stand-up paddleboarding, fishing, hiking, kayaking, trail running and exploring on ATVs at this unique wilderness lodge and world-class beluga whale observation site.

From $12245USD
Jul Aug
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9 Day Land Tour
Discover Greenland

Discover Greenland like never before! The luxury safari-style Base Camp Greenland offers an eye-level vantage point of Arctic icebergs, whales and seals in frigid waters. Kayak, hike and meet local Inuits who live in harmony with nature.

From $12995USD
Aug Sep
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