Polar Regions Arctic Land Tour

Classic Polar Bear Adventure

This Classic Polar Bear Adventure spends 6 to 7 days based in historic Churchill, Canada, near the world’s greatest concentration of polar bears. While polar bears await the freeze-up on Hudson Bay and the start of seal-hunting season, guests ride in the world’s premier tundra vehicle—the Polar Rover—to safely and comfortably view polar bears up-close.

With exclusive permits to access the full range of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area where the best—and often only—polar bear viewing occurs, this once-in-a-lifetime Classic Polar Bear Adventure boldly promises the highest-quality polar bear tour and sightings available. Polar Rovers have an advanced elite suspension system that smooths the ride, plus onboard flush toilet facilities, ensuring a superior level of comfort and safety. Built into the rear viewing platform of every Polar Rover is an innovative and exclusive feature pioneered for optimal polar bear viewing—corrugated steel-mesh floors. Guests come within inches of curious bears that often wander beneath the vehicles! Additionally, meet a local dog musher and his team, experience an authentic dog sled ride through the boreal forest and enjoy cultural presentations from Churchill residents.

A fundamental element of this trip’s success is the small group maximum of 16 guests aboard each Polar Rover that has seating for 35. This guarantees every guest has plenty of space to enjoy a window seat, angle for the best photos and enjoy a personal experience with the polar bears without much intrusion from other travelers. 

On the tundra, among the bears, time stands still. Once in a lifetime does one get the opportunity to witness the majesty and unique behaviors of the north’s largest land carnivore—the polar bear.

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