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We travel to Ecuador often and are ready to help you discover the Amazon by eco lodge, find handicrafts at Otavalo market, explore the biodiverse cloud forest and experience the best things to do in Quito or Guayaquil. Ecuador tours, and especially Amazon rainforest tours in Ecuador, are the perfect complement to a Galapagos cruise. Our experts can ensure a seamless Ecuador mainland and Galapagos Islands experience with our Quito & Guayaquil travel packages, and we can craft custom Ecuador tours to include the nearby Ecuadorian Amazon or highlands.

Immerse yourself into the wild on an Amazon rainforest tour in Ecuador. Breathe in the unique sights and sounds that emanate from lush layers of vegetation and wildlife while you both fall sleep and wake with the jungle outside your door. Observation towers, parrot clay licks, nature trails and paddling excursions—all with native naturalist guides—illuminate the mysteries and connections of life in the Amazon rainforest. Travel with a clear conscious knowing that your Amazon rainforest tour in Ecuador directly employs and supports the vibrant communities which welcome you. And for those who seek a different sort of jungle experience, the Mashpi Biodiversity Reserve offers premium wildlife and pristine landscapes high in Ecuador’s cloud forest, with unique opportunities to explore by sky bike, gondola and more.

High Andes culture comes alive on Ecuador tours to the country’s northern Sierra region. Inviting Andean villages display one-of-a-kind cultural artifacts such as handmade crafts and vibrant textiles, and a stop at the world-famous Otavalo market helps you bring a piece of it home. Add on exciting activities like horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking for a well-rounded Ecuador land tour adventure.

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4 - 5 Day Land Tour
Ecuador Amazon Adventure - La Selva EcoLodge

Explore the incredible diversity of Ecuador's Amazon for 4 or 5 days from La Selva EcoLodge, an exceptional wilderness lodge deeply committed to sustainable ecotourism. Daily hikes and paddles are lead by expert resident guides to canopy platforms, parrot clay licks and rainforest wildlife.

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4 - 5 Day Land Tour
Ecuador Amazon Adventure - Sacha Lodge

Spend 4 or 5 days at Sacha Lodge, located within a 5,000-acre private ecological reserve in Ecuador’s Amazon region. Enjoy this accessible and pristine rainforest sanctuary for a true jungle adventure in safety and comfort.

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3 - 5 Day Land Tour
Mashpi Rainforest Tour

Mashpi Biodiversity Reserve is located in one of the most important global “hot spots” of biodiversity: the Tumbez-Chocó-Darién. This rainforest reserve features an exceptionally high level of endemism, with year-round access via the Mashpi Lodge.

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Located on the equator in the northwest corner of South America, Ecuador welcomes visitors year-round by land to explore its high Andes cultures, biodiverse rainforest and charming colonial cities with modern comforts. Visit Ecuador by horseback, among farms, plateaus and volcanoes at 8,000 feet; walk, bike and fly amongst the cloud forest on rainforest canopy tours; learn about weaving and leatherwork from locals; and unlock the history behind Ecuador’s gateway cities.

Within a morning or afternoon’s drive from Quito, you can access the famed cloud forest of Ecuador, home to around 15 percent of the world’s plant species, 20 percent of the world’s bird diversity and jaguars, spectacled bears, pumas, sloths and other enchanting creatures. Another short drive reveals highlands, markets and haciendas amongst a patchwork of agricultural plateaus, verdant hillsides, high alpine lakes, the towering Imbabura Volcano, rural villages and colorful markets—including the world-famous Otavalo market.

With nearly every Ecuador adventure requiring passage through one of these two international airport cities, our experts have hand selected the best Quito hotels and premium Guayaquil hotels as well as the cities’ must-see attractions. The Galapagos hub cities of Quito and Guayaquil offer their own unique attractions, one with colonial mountain charm and the other with modern economic coastal capital.

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