Tundra Lodge

The Tundra Lodge, located on the subarctic tundra outside the small Canadian frontier town of Churchill, Manitoba, is a unique, custom-built rolling hotel strategically positioned in an area of high polar bear density at the beginning of each polar bear season, which runs from October through November. Tundra Lodge offers an immersive and personalized Arctic wilderness experience, putting guests in prime polar bear habitat around the clock without sacrificing comfort. There is simply nothing else like it.

Tundra Lodge Review

AdventureSmith Explorations’ Tundra Lodge review includes a detailed description and photo gallery. Our adventure travel experts can help compare the Tundra Lodge with other Arctic land adventure lodges. Choose the Tundra Lodge for unmatched bear viewing opportunities in a unique, supremely comfortable home for Arctic immersion.

Common Areas at Tundra Lodge

There is a lounge area for viewing bears and a dining car with sliding windows for viewing and photography. To optimize up close and safe polar bear encounters and photography there are raised outdoor viewing platforms.

Accommodations at Tundra Lodge

The lodge has 32 rooms for guests and each room is a single compartment similar to sleeping quarters on a train, with either an upper or lower berth. There are six shared toilets and four showers.