Central America Panama Land Tour

Bocas del Toro Adventure

Enjoy 3 days of relaxing beach time, wildlife viewing by boat and on foot, and an indigenous community cultural visit. Cruise around Colon Island to Boca del Drago where the beach provides a canvas for sun bathing, swimming and searching for colorful giant starfish. Weather permitting, visit Swan’s Cay, with its red-billed tropic birds (the only place to be found in Panama) and brown boobies. Revel in opportunities to go snorkeling amongst coral reefs and mangrove isles, seeking out numerous fish species, colored sea fans, sponges and brittle starfish. Make a unique visit to Bastimentos National Park, Panama’s first marine national park.

Five hundred years ago, the great discoverer Christopher Columbus arrived at a tropical paradise in the western Caribbean coast of what is now Panama. Overwhelmed by the most incredible contrasts of vivid color and sheer unspoiled natural surroundings, Columbus decided to drop anchor and immerse in this heavenly place: Bocas del Toro. 

Not much has changed since that pristine time with the exception of the provocative Calypso beat, the constant smiles of the people and the alluring island accent of the Caribbean inhabitants. Bocas is the best place to sink your toes in the white sand, to explore lush tropical rainforests and coral reefs and to look for the faithful sea turtles that have come to these islands for millennia.

Wildlife abounds in Bocas del Toro. Birders will appreciate excursions to spot the red-throated ant tanager, golden-collared manakin, the three-wattled bellbird and green-breasted mango. Mammals such as night monkeys, white-faced capuchins and three-toed sloths also live here. Lagoons play host to spectacled cayman and slider turtle, while the rainforest paths are home to poison dart frogs. Optional, added-cost tours around town and the surrounding islands are also on offer.

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